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Jalia, Indian Girl, Others: Raped, Sodomized


Jalia, Indian Girl, Others: Raped, Sodomized





I pray that Allha councils you for he is the best counselor of all times. In the fourth episode of Jalia’s story, came and gave her another hijab, jelly and perfume. We continue…

“Hajji Ashraf, when the old man left, I felt nausea because of the disgusting things he did to me. Pushing his shaft into my mouth? Noooooo! And he smelled so badly that he must have drugged himself. I tried to control myself not to vomit. But the more I thought about it, the more nauseated I became. I cud not hold it any more.

“I ran into the washroom and vomited almost everything had I eaten. Remember, I was almost naked because the old man had torn my hijab into pieces. All this time, I was crying. In the corner of the washroom was a CCTV camera. I looked straight into it and cried to them so that they would not rape me.

“I went back to the room. Somebody opened the door. It was Hamza, who the old man had called earlier. He threw another see-through hijab, jelly and perfume on the bed. He looked at me, smiling, and went away. I went back to the washroom and cleaned up. I applied some jelly but never used the perfume.

“I went and sat on the bed, cursing Zaina, and crying for my late dad. If he was alive this would not have happened to me. I wanted to pray but I could not tell which Swalha because I could not tell the time of the day or where the kibulha was. I couldn’t even tell which day it was, because I didn’t know for how long I had been sedated.

“It was only by the intervention of Allha that I was going to survive these monsters. Still in shock, I spread down the tone hijab and started praying. As soon as I said my takhibil (Allahu Akhabalu), the door was slammed open and the Indian girl was pushed in, very naked. Hamza and another guy, who I later learnt to be Musa, followed her. They removed their clothes and started on the girl.

“Hajji Ashraf, you can’t believe what I saw. The girl held both their members and started sucking, each at a time while smooching the other. This went on for over ten minutes before they set on her.

“They used all her inlets; her mouth, and both private parts, front and back. They kept on slapping her all over to cause more pain. The girl was just groaning in agony. And the more she groaned the more joy they had. So, the slapping went on and on until her face was bruised.

“When they were about to be done, they removed their condoms and poured their semen all over her body.

“Hajji Ashraf, it was disgusting. I cried until I couldn’t cry anymore. I later learnt that it was me who was punishing the girl because the more I cried, the more pleasure they had got, thus using all their power on her. These men were savages. They left her there and went out.

“I tried to help her but she never wanted me to touch her. She gained strength, later entered the washroom and cleaned up.

“Somebody came and opened for her. This was done to many other girls for all the time I spent in that captivity. And there were different men. It was only Hamza who frequently came with others. The old man also used to come with little girls.

“It was not until one day they brought a girl who spoke English when they set on her and I started my usual crying, she shouted at me and said; ‘Please, stop crying; they will kill me’. When I stopped crying, you can’t believe, Hajji, these men lost power. One of them slapped me so hard but I was determined to save her by not crying anymore.

“When I stopped my crying it seemed to them I was becoming useless. But they kept feeding me very well. One day Hamza pushed in a young girl of around 17 years; she was crying uncontrollably. Hamza was already naked and he didn’t look the usual chap I knew. He looked high. He threatened the girl with his shaft.

“She cried so loudly that, Hamza with all his power, set on me. He tore my hijab threw me on the bed. I covered my face by lying upside down. He poured some cold sticky liquid on my butt. Before I cud realize his member was already inside my back. The girl cried the more and Hamza was on me for over 20 minutes. As he was about to be done he shouted; ‘Musaaaa’.

“Musa came and removed his pants so fast. Hamza jumped off me as he poured his semen all over. Musa turned me over and set on me, too. It was like somebody was pushing a sharp knife into my private parts. I had never experienced such pain. Remember, I was still a virgin.

“Hajji Ashraf, I could not move any more. But I could hear the girl screaming. In the process I blacked out. I don’t even know how long he was in and on me.

“After how long, I really don’t know. I woke up and I was on a blood and saline solution drip, too. The doctor was speaking English and looked to be an Indian, if not, Pakistani. As I was trying to talk, he stopped me and looked around. I knew there was a problem.

“I pretended to be sleeping but I had sharp pain down my private parts. I later realized that I was in hospital. And I have been there for over two weeks When I fully gained my senses, the doctor sat me down and told me that some Arabs brought me there and paid a lot of money to treat me and that if I die, it is up to him, the doctor. They had never come back to check on me.

“They even left my passport and my bag with him. He told me that I was raped and severely affected. That I was brought to the hospital almost too, late and he could not save my uterus; that was already rotting. He concluded that l would not be able to have babies. But at least I was safe, he ended.

“Looking at the calendar, Hajji Ashraf, I had spent seven months in captivity. I told the doctor my entire story, and showed him all my papers as a civil engineer. He felt very sympathetic and sorry for me. Since the Arabs had given him a lot of money for the treatment, there was some in excess, he bought a ticket for me back to Uganda.”

My dear fans and friends, thanks for reading. We shall continue from there with the last episode of Jalia’s story. Insha Allha. Best regards. Allha bless you.




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