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Time to choose between your Child and your Job


Time to choose between your Child and your Job

A baby is safest in her mothers hands

A baby is safest in her mothers hands

In my nationality we say that if you want very good soup, the best option is not to adopt.  In most cases an adopted child is only an option if you can’t have a biological one.

We often dodge our responsibilities hoping that someone else will help at a fee we are always ready to give. In the process we forget that some duties cannot be delegated to another person.  Raising children is never the maid’s role. The more we run away from parenting, a full time job, the more we waste the future generation.

In 2014 a Ugandan maid was sentenced to four years in jail for assaulting a toddler, in a case which sparked outrage across the country after a video was released. Jolly Tumuhiirwe, 22, was filmed beating, kicking and stamping on the 18-month-old child. She told a court in Kampala that the attack was revenge after she was beaten by the child’s mother.

According to the chief Magistrate Jolly had committed an “unjustifiable and inexcusable” crime and the sentence was appropriate in light of the “ruthlessness exhibited” on an “innocent, helpless child”.

Children are a blessing from God. Every child that is born comes with a message that God still loves us and that’s why He still sends us these beautiful flowers. It is unfortunate that we are too busy and have no time to take care of the children we receive from the creator.

In society where man and woman wake up in the morning to go and work no one is left behind to care for the children. We end up improvising by hiring untrained and ill-cultured people who my all means have no capacity to take care of our children.

Did you know that about 70% of the maids we bring home to look after our children are too young and instead they also need to be looked after?

Because we are convinced that we must abandon young children at home with the maids and the TVs to go and make ends meet we should also be prepared to receive what  the maid and the TV have in stock for our children.  We have more faith in our jobs than the children God has given us.  Vast majority of our children are denied access to their mothers and fathers but only have the maid and TV in plenty.

Time has come for us to choose between raising children and looking for money, especially if you cannot handle the two simultaneously.

For married people, it is time to decide on who stays home to take care of the children and who goes for work to provide for the family. Otherwise you are yet to discover that the dangers surrounding the child left to the maid at home are far greater than the benefits realized when the baby’s mother goes for work.





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