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An Arab came into the room to rape Jalia


An Arab came into the room to rape Jalia





In the second episode we ended when Jalia uncle’s wife, Julia’s father, organized to eliminate her. Jalia’s story continues:

“Hajji Ashraf, I don’t know, oba after how long, I gained my senses. I was so weak and hungry. I was on a very big king-size bed, prepared very well. The room was also so big that I think it was ten by 15 meters.

“Remember, Hajji, I’m a civil engineer. This room had nice chandeliers light. It also had a bathroom. There was no other item apart from the bed in the center. The ventilation was very poor, but it had an air conditioner.

“I went to the shower and cleaned up. I was fresh again. I tried to open the door but it was locked from outside and I could see the key through the hole. The place was very quite. At first, I could not hear any sound, or people talking.

“Then, I heard some footsteps and ran back to the bed; and pretended to still be feeling bad. A girl who looked to be an Indian opened and entered. She had brought food, tea, soda and water.

“She gave me a nice see-through nice hijab that fitted me so well that it showed all the curves of my body. I had washed my only pant because the rest were in my bag which was not there; so you could see me through.

“The food was nice; pilawo with meat which I later learnt was camel meat. I gained all my senses and remembered that some women sedated me and I had blacked out. But I had come as in as an expatriate, so why that treatment?

“I recollected myself, and because of the hunger, I ate the food, which I really enjoyed. Earlier, as the Indian girl was going out, she tried to tell me something but she was speaking Indian which I didn’t understand. I spoke in English, which. I could see she didn’t understand. She looked sad and sorry for me. So, she went out and locked the door.

“When I finished eating, she came back and collected the utensils, but after throwing a box on the bed with Arabic inscriptions. She had a red eye as if somebody had slapped her. She was crying. This time, she never said a single word to me.

“I realized something; somebody was watching me because everything was being done timely.

After that I went to sleep. When I woke up and finished bathing again, they brought food, and as soon as I stopped eating, the girl came back. I looked up in the corners and there were CCTV cameras.

“This time, the girl did all she was supposed to do while sobbing. When she left, I checked the box and these were condoms.
“Hajji Ashraf, I realized that Auntie Zaina had planned to sell me to the Arabs as a sex worker, and probably she wanted me dead. I remembered my late father and my disabled mom and started crying.”

Readers, I have to remind you that this is a true story. Only the names are false to conceal the identity of the people involved. From this point, Jalia told her story while crying and I couldn’t hold my own tears back. It was a bad scenario. Let’s continue:

“Hajji Ashraf, as I was deep in thought, the door opened and a man, an Arab in his 60s, entered. He was dressed in a night gown without pants. Somebody from outside locked the door. He moved near me and dropped the gown. He had a very big member and very erect. I had never seen this before, and on top of that, I was still a virgin. My virginity was going to be broken through rape.”

Jalia stopped telling her story as she continued crying. I tried to cool her down before she continued.

“Hajji Ashraf, this man brought his member near my mouth, he wanted me to suck it. I was already crying for mercy from him. But he tore my hijab and held my mouth onto his member. It couldn’t even fit into my mouth.

“It is only the Arabic which I learnt in my secondary school that saved me. I told him that; ‘Anna bikhirah’, meaning that I’m a virgin.

“He immediately grabbed his gown and covered himself. He continued to lament several times; Bikhira, bikhira…. Allhahu’Akhbalu bikhira.

“He called out to somebody called, Hamza. And Hamza came and opened for him. They spoke some Arabic and both went out I was left naked.

“After sometime, Hamza came back with another hijab with some nice jelly and perfume for me. He was smiling. I dressed up still in fear. He left me there in one corner and locked the door.
Some three hours later….”

I beg that we stop here for today. Please bear with me. We shall continue from there. Allha bless you all.




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