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Is it normal for a woman to carry male condoms?


Is it normal for a woman to carry male condoms?

Curiosity may compel you to check a woman’s purse when she is away. It’s a natural and normal thing. What may turn it abnormal is when you find condoms in it. What surprises the more is when they are male condoms. But what is wrong with that? Is it society that intoxicates us with beliefs that women can’t carry condoms?  Is sex enjoyed by only men, so they are the only ones to carry condoms?  What makes you think that it’s a man’s role?

A woman who carries her own condoms deserves a credit.    First of all it shows care. When a woman is involved as she can be when it comes to sex, it reflects her sense of concern. It means that she cares about herself, her partner, and their well-being. By being ready, you will avoid untimely pregnancies and avoid your risk of acquiring STD’s. Also, when you have condoms with you, it shows how reliable you are as a partner, which would reflect on how reliable you are in general.

It is also wrong to work under assumptions. People are likely to disappoint you. If you expect a man to carry one you will be shocked one day when he doesn’t.  Men do not carry a purse like we do.

Unlike men who can leave the house without carrying a single thing, save for themselves, women will spend some time preparing all the things they would need and pack those in their purse.  Also, by packing the condoms yourself, you can choose whatever flavour or design you want. You can also choose the most reliable brands and avoid the ones you don’t like that much.

Imagine a situation: Things are getting hot and heavy, clothes are off, foreplay is happening. You are both ready to just do it. You tell him to get a condom, and his face goes from looking like he just won the lottery to looking like he just saw his grandparents take part in an orgy. He doesn’t have one. What then? Either, the sex just stops and no one is happy or you go through without it anyways. Plenty of women have been in this type of situation.  It is in such moments that the condoms you carried with you are vital.

Establishing men as the partner with primary contraceptive responsibility can actually perpetuate deep-seated stigmas for women, especially when it comes to sexuality.

These stigmas have led to many women being embarrassed to grab a pack from store shelves, worried their actions will be perceived as slutty or overeager.  This is wrong. Women can be equally responsible for their own life protection just like the men.




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