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‘My invisible hand’


‘My invisible hand’


Man can sometimes do nothing, for more than three decades. The wise man is still in control, and, I anoint him, he may continue to see the gaps in this defense and so, he may race ahead to hit more accurate shots in the back of the net of the Besigyes.

Robert Mugabe is now past 92 years of age. He is still there and busy at work and professors and men with huge brains thinkhe is the only man to lead the impoverished Zimbabwe, to the wells full of honey and life giving water. People who choose to work, and think, better than others, will definitely rule. There is chance.

Those who sing, sing about the same thing all the time. Artists just draw to impress those near to them. Young Journalists write to impress editors. Photo Journalists hold cameras and forget that they should not be afraid of what the likes of Donald Trump say.

Do whatever you want, and no one will have the right to stop you. Using my hand, that most people cannot see, I have let the blind see. Man now accuses me of inciting people. Some say we must not go on.

Your heart must feel something, before you can change. You must be forced to think, before you can see a poverty stricken person. You will ignore the beggar there, in the street, unless you are informed that he too, is fellow Ugandan.

Listen.You will get to know why Trump talks the way he does. You will understand why he yells,‘America First’ all the time. You will see why a man, voted by the most intelligent people on earth, says he must bar his neighbors from freely accessing the United States.

But do you know why people who were once generous and selfless are now greedy and self-interested?Kabila came to power when he was still avery young boy. He talked and promised heaven, on earth, to the people of Democratic Republic of Congo.

The biggest insect that once disturbed me, also, has entered his head. He now doesn’t want to relinquish power. These things happen everywhere. In business, some people think they will eat more than their partners.

Sit,and think, and know why that business still exists. Do not letgreed drive you. My friend, you will sink like a stone.

Before the boat lands on the floor, of the ocean, you willbe the first person there. My friend, behave. The invisible hand now pushes one into those places you wanted them to be. Our words have started to matter. I am whipping someone.

I hear they will one day donate food to those that starve in our country. They should not delay. These are the things they should have beendoing,all the time.

True leaders should say no to corruption, and preach cooperation and development. They should urge people to work hard. The same people should tell civil servants toread what we manufacture.

Someone swore himself in. They didn’t recognize the power given to the ruling government. Isn’t it? Now they are in parliament and hitting themselves hard, in the head, fighting for salaries. They are involved in everything that happens in the house here.

We are wise men and women. I will remain neutral. They behave, and I become baffled.

Choose and become what you desire, yourself.

What is overseas that men of God always urge their followers to go and find?Be careful when praying for a Visa to the US.

Who travels more that a politician in power here? Small boys often call in, on radio talk shows, and abuse them. Travelling across the earth may not bring you happiness or peace. The Invisible hand writes and now, it moves on:

For more than ten years, I have been seeing pastors inviting believers, into huge stadiums, so that they may enter new years with blessings. These things still happen. Money is collected, every year. Pastorsdo not easily getsatisfied.

Money alone is not the thing that matters.

Today a pastor or a bishop or a prophet will be guarded heavily perhaps because he has some enemies.

Calm down, and treat people well. If you think you got so rich, Eddy Kenzo, and that you have the right to pray for the rest, during your shows, come on, and counsel your heart. People possess money in this world, and now, they just need a word, to rest their souls and hearts. Sing!

I will notpray to fly to Europe. I just need a person who understands me, to carry me, ahead, whenever I am in need of it. Others I will obtain when the right time comes.March on! The bravest hand wishes you success.

Sekka Bagenda is a writer, An inspirational Public Speaker and a Sports Scientist

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