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5 reasons why Sheebah might not repeat her 2016 success


5 reasons why Sheebah might not repeat her 2016 success

will she remain relevant to the Music industry” width=”800″ height=”401″ /> Sheeba Karungi, will she remain relevant to the Music industry

Last year was Sheeba’s year, measuring by whatsoever measure you decide to use, but Rafiki is worried that Sheebah could be facing a downhill this year. Okay there are some facts that played to her advantage that will not be in play this year, like, the Tubonge effect, where Ugandans were mad at the top artistes, the fact that on her launch day, the Star times were planning to bring Wiz Kid, and failed, so all the revelers who had planned to see Wiz Kid went to Sheeba’s launch. On the brighter side though, she has the best manager in Uganda, in Jeff Kiwa who is the best of the best.

However below are are some five reasons why the repeat may not be possible unless..Jeff does what he does best!


When you hear of Sheebaholics and Team No Sleep, know that  Sheebah is taking not being sober  to another level. When she is not rehearsing, she is high, on one substance or another, and if drugs dragged down people like Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Jackie Chandiru and  Ziggy Dee, ……..then Sheebah cannot be an exception. Rafiki swears Sheeba will go down unless……………………………..….

The Launch curse

There is a silent belief among Ugandans that no new artiste, who has ever made a huge album launch remained relevant to the music industry. Look at King Saha, GNL Zamba, Chris Evans etc. The reason behind this curse is that the fame and instant money acquisition often goes to their heads, word is that Sheebah is fast travelling the same route.

Tubonge effect is already a faded memory

This played to Sheeba’s advantage but with Kampalans and their short memories, this will not be to Sheebah’s advantage any more. She will have to produce real hits, because she will tussling it out with the big boys who are resurrecting slowly by slowly, ie the Bebe’s and Chameleons.

Other divas  are waking up

Apart from upcoming young female artists, the divas who owned the Music industry all went to sleep in 2016. Does anyone know any Juliana song for 2016, or Irene Namubiru? But as we speak, Juliana is in studio and Irene is already releasing hot duets with artists who are dancehall kings.


Saying that Sheebah has a wild sexual appetite is an understatement, from her escapades with Keko to the Mayanja’s, and now word is that her closeness with Jeff is worrying. It’s on record that Jeff is good at promoting the guys, will he spoil their working relationship with a sexual relation? If its true that they dating then its no secret that the end of Sheebah’s honeymoon is nigh!

Again this analysis from our panel  is not meant to be disheartening, but it’s supposed to act as a warning shot to Sheebah and the likes. Hope you can prove us wrong dear Sheebah Karungi!



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