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7 Months after rape treatment, Jalia returns


7 Months after rape treatment, Jalia returns





council you. We stopped when Jalia had already spent seven months as a captive in Saud Arabia where she was raped. The doctor found her severely affected and that she was not going to have children. This is a true story as told to me by Jalia (not real name). Let’s continue with her story…

“Hajji Ashraf, when Dr. Khan told me that I would not have babies, I felt very bad, indeed. As my mind was still taking this in, the doctor said that, but I was safe. I remembered the rape I had gone through, and started crying.

“Dr. Khan summoned Yasin. Yasin was a medical counselor. He talked to me for over two hours; and I felt some bit of relief. When Dr. Khan came back, he informed me that my captors had paid a lot of money; that after deducting the medical bill, he still had some good excess. So, he was going to buy for me a ticket back to Uganda.

“He went on to tell me that very many girls have suffered like me and some had even died. So, since I had survived death, I should thank Allha. He informed me that in Arab countries, it is very, very difficult to have causal sex: there is no boy friend, girl friend business.

“He said that in those countries, families are very protective of their girls; that if a girl marries, and is found with broken virginity, she can be killed by her brothers, because it is a real shame to the family. For the boys and men, sex is after marriage and marriage is very expensive.

“So, what they do, is to import girls from Africa and Asia, deceiving them that they are going to work as housemaids. ‘In the end, they are locked in those big fences you see. They are repeatedly raped by relatives and friends of that family until some are disabled and others die’. He ended up on that very sad note.

“That afternoon, Dr Khan drove me to the Ugandan Embassy in Riyadh. He presented me to Ambassador Dr. Ssemuddu, who was very good and sympathetic with me. There were 12 other girls who had gone through almost the same ordeal.

“Since Dr. Khan had paid for my ticket, my journey was worked out on very fast. In just three days, I was on Turkey’s Air back to Kampala.

“Hajji Ashraf, kankusese, in those three days I was waiting to board the plane, Dr Knan had offered to stay with me. But I trusted nobody including him, though he was my saviour. I stayed with the ambassador’s home. Dr. Khan understood my fear.

“Dr. Khan gave me $150 for my up keep. When on air flying to Kampala, I wondered how Zaina would face me. I wanted her dead. But because of my young cousins, I resolved not to kill her, but I was determined to expel her from my father’s company before reporting her to Police for what she did to me.

“She had to face the judge to help other girls not to fall into these same traps. I knew she was my uncle’s wife, but I was not going to listen to him, even if he talked of forgiveness.

“When I reached Entebbe, I exchanged my $150 and got UgX 495,000. This was enough to take me through. I hired a taxi to take me home in Makindye where I wanted to see mom and organize myself, call Uncle Walusimbi and do the necessary.

“When I reached home, something struck me as odd; the house had been renovated and the gate was manned by some private security company. The security man allowed me in after checking me. He never asked me what I wanted. I entered and the house was occupied by some NGO.

“I talked to the manager about our house and told her everything I had gone through. She cried and wondered why the world is so cruel.

“She was good to me and explained to me that they had bought it from the bank; that the owner had died before paying the bank loan. So, the bank confiscated the property before selling it to them.

“I knew that dad had no loan with any bank. It must have been Zaina’s manipulation to steal and sell our house. I could see again that the manager feared losing the house. She offered to help me where necessary as she stood up to send me off before I could say good bye.

“When I reached outside, I tried to call uncle, but his phone was no longer in service. I called some friend who gave the bad news that Uncle Walusimbi had died some three months ago under mysterious circumstances.

“I got confused and decided to go to Nakasero and face Zaina. Reaching there the hardware shops were no more; and one of it was now a supermarket. On inquiring about Zaina, she had opened up a big hardware shop in Ndeeba called Zaina Enterprises. She had even bought the building where her company is located.

“About my mom, she was with Uncle Isaac in Mbarara, Kakoba, after being expelled from the house.

“I have tried to meet Zaina in vain. They now stop me at the reception. I tried the Police but for sure I have no evidence, at all, to support my ordeal. Many people were willing to help, but they have nowhere to start.

“Zaina had been was so smart that she did everything to be within the law. Since she had been in control of dad’s business, and Uncle Walusimbi, who would have largely helped was dead, she can do whatever she wants. She had the time to manipulate everything to her advantage. She must have even murdered dad and uncle.

“I have nowhere to start claiming my dad’s property. I now even fear for my life. She can even kill me, Hajji, I’m so bitter.

“I have tried so many times to endanger Zaina myself and failed. I have now applied to join the Police, where I’m sure I shall be admitted because of my qualifications. I shall kill her one day.”


Friends, Jalia ended her story crying uncontrollably. I tried to calm her down and failed. Thanks for reading. Let’s help her please, before she commits a big offence that might send her to life imprisonment or even to hang herself. Allah bless you.


Hajj Ashraf Ssemwogerere

Hajj Ashraf Ssemwogerere

Friends and fans, you see me smiling? It is as a result of the call I received recently from Jalia. Some big engineer, who read and followed the story, called me to connect him to Jalia, which I did. When Jalia called me, she informed me that the engineer has offered her a job with a fat salary and several benefits including, a house. I’m very happy for her, bambi.



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