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‘Thoughts of corrupt officials’


‘Thoughts of corrupt officials’


can make even the most ordinary citizen happy, at least once in life. Unfortunately oil money is gobbled by greedy officials in Nigeria.

Projects remain incomplete.  Hospitals in Nigeria lack medicine. Like here, it is not uncommon for a medic to regret why he or she wasted years in a medical school in Nigeria.

You do not know what it means if a person wishes they should receive more from you but you fail to deliver. When your son or daughters think they must get from you and you ignore them, you become a bad dad.

Thank God we came around. And we are here to talk for the silent majority. These are people who are silently saying an official who steals from the taxpayer should be arrested and kept in prison even before further investigations are carried out.

To engage in graft and take away money, your people would have used, is perhaps the nastiest crime that any leader can commit.  There is corruption in Africa. It can’t be denied.

Concentrate, and remember the words often repeated by the current president of America, Donald Trump.  He once vowed to ignore the issues concerning Africa.

He said whatever was sent to Africa by the American people landed in the hands of a few individuals. He said these were the huge bellied men, with influence. And that they were greedy and stingy.  So he swore to mind his business while leading the United States. We are a country full of beggars.

We do not sleep!  Neither do we rest, until we have grabbed something from the hands of a white man.

A beggar will always force one to give, to him.  We shall still always have friends who will be there for us. They will   donate food to us.  Money will not stop coming. Someone must change the way he thinks therefore.

To change people’s lives means to force them into action. People are suffering. Children lack school fees. We hated our country already. So many people are praying hard now, to fly to Europe. Trump was right when he said now he doesn’t want us in America.

Pastors here had made it a habit to fly away every week. The new pastor did things which taught you lessons you will never forget. Bugingo never flies away to leave the sheep wandering, unattended to.

Huge places of worship had started becoming so boring because now they had become empty. Pastors now no longer make useless trips to rich nations. They are always here.

There is corruption in our country.  People who steal from the country coffers were so honest years ago.  They were willing to work. The things they own run smoothly. There is no rumour in this world.

Some time back some people went around informing the world that I would rule the penning industry. It was a rumour at first. It became a reality.

The official who is corrupt thinks time will come and his employer will turn against him. They have seen their friends, who were once influential here, going back to their places of birth empty-handed. Dust is near their plates now.

A man who was once praised as he passed through the streets cannot rest in his heart or keep quiet as he sees fame slipping away. This explains why the world is full of wars.

The secretary of State in the USA is always on the plane traveling wanting to, face to face, talk to the enemies of America. Churches will always be full. Shrines will always be filled to capacity. You will become more selfish as you acquire more, if you are selfish now.

A corrupt official thinks he must gather more. They call this security. They think you the electorate cannot be trusted.  You can sack them any time.

They may never abstain. We just need to sit them down and we tell them our words, as we also counsel them, telling them that a man who does good will always remain free even if the government he serves goes away.

Wear their shoes and think about what might happen if you lose the job that you today fully control, and that bank account perishes also.

Let’s make them our friends. We must understand their thoughts. They are men and women with brains. They can work. See the empires they own. These are booming businesses my friends. Corrupt official, you can serve. I know.

If you can build such a house, you also can supervise the building of a good road. Your school is among the most powerful here. It is organised. Children are passing. We shall defend you here and perhaps erect statues to remember you, when your souls   are no more. Change!

Sekka Bagenda is a writer. An Inspirational Public Speaker and a Sports Scientist.

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