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Lillian starts avoiding Walter 


Lillian starts avoiding Walter 





In the last episode, we left Lillian when she had abandoned her Albiino baby with Doloka, the traditional birth attendant. She went to break the false news to Walter that she had a miscarriage but on her surprise, Walter’s grandmother was an Albino, too. Let’s continue with her story…

“Hajji Ashraf, when I saw Walter’s grandmother, an Albino, there was no need for DNA to prove that my baby was Walter’s – moreover he was the man who broke my virginity. I had not slept with anybody else but Walter.

“The grandmother was very jovial and welcoming. She spoke very good English. As Walter went to bring some drink for me, she inquired about my pregnancy. I told her that I had a miscarriage. The woman cried non-stop for over 30 minutes. I was forced to shed crocodile tears, too.

“I looked at her and started hating this family. For Walter, I was not ready to bear another albino. I decided to keep my secret, forget all about Walter and his baby daughter, go back to school and concentrate on my books.

“Walter tried to get to me several times, but in vain. He thought I was busy with books. There was to be a Literature seminar at our school and many schools, were in attendance, including Walter’s.

“After the seminar, he thought he would get to talk to me during the dance but I never attended it. He wrote a note to me through my friend, Penelope, but I never replied it. By the way, I even didn’t break my secret to Penelope. Penelope told him that I always feel bad looking at him because of the loss of our baby. Walter wrote many letters but I never replied any. I later stopped even reading them, until he gave up.

“Time passed we did our final exams. I passed well and went to Makerere for Law. Walter passed very well and was one of the best in the country. We met again at the Law School. He was a Lumunbist and I was a lady from Africa Hall.

“One day, he confronted me in my room and wanted to know why I behaved so badly towards him. He told me that, if I aborted and I thought he was angry with me, that that was wrong. He made me remember my baby and I hated him the more. I asked him to get out of my room.

“He cried and I got disgusted with him. I went out and left him in the room. I was saved by my roommate, she found him in the room, and he excused himself for he was a gentleman.

“Walter had applied for a scholarship to Leeds University which was granted. He was to leave in two months’ time. He broke the news to me and I was so happy for him. He even thought that I was back to him. But I was just happy that the tormenting was soon ending. He even wanted to make love to me but not another Albino, Hajji Ashraf.”

Lillian laughed at this point.

“You know Hajji Ashraf, there were no condoms, like it is today.

“Two months passed and I was to accompany him to the airport. I wanted to see him off and have my peace. When in the car going to the airport, he promised to come back and marry me. I internally mocked him. We even kissed. When we reached the airport there were almost 50 members of his family that had come to wish him farewell.

“Hajji Ashraf, you can’t believe it; I counted eight Albinos among them. But they were all educated. This was the family you would wish to marry into but the albinism in them was a disaster to me. He even introduced me to them as his fiancée.

“He left for his studies and l got relieved. I went back to my hall thinking of my baby but the love for her was not there now that even the father had left, I completely forgot all about her and Doloka. Walter tried to write to me and I never replied any of his letters.

“Years passed; I graduated, went to the Law Development Center, passed and started practicing law in one of the reputed chambers. I later got a job as a State Attorney.

“I got married to David (not real name) and settled. We had our son, Mark, just after one year into our marriage. I was a happy woman with a good job, money and a caring husband.

“After 18 years trying to have another baby in vain, I could see that David was not happy, he wanted more children, not just one child, because he had all the money he wanted.

“Our son Mack was joining the university; he was a bright boy, he was going to do Commerce. My husband, David, was an educated successful businessman in town. I loved him and losing him because of children was out. I was read to do anything to save my marriage.

“He started agitating, I was a staunch Catholic, but even Satan overpowered me and I started thinking that may be the baby I abandoned in Kyaggwe forests is the one tormenting me. I considered telling my husband about it but I saw it silly.

“If that girl had survived, she would be 24 years of age, but who knows? I made up my mind to start looking for her. I could not remember the place. Penelope was abroad and I didn’t have her address.

“Meanwhile, Walter had come back and was a successful lawyer in town. He also got married but we remained friends and forgot the past.

“I tried and failed to locate the place for over three years. I advised David to get another woman if he wished to have children, which he did. The woman gave David one set of twins and another son in two years. I became more desperate.

“Meanwhile, Mack, our son graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce. With my influence he got a job in one of the banks. He started as Ledger keeper. Mack never wanted to work in his father’s business.

“One day I received a call that Mack had been arrested; and the call was from Walter…my God!

Thanks for reading. We shall continue from there. Allah bless you all.




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