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Dance meant music, and music took over


Dance meant music, and music took over

Tony Trust

Tony Trust

Tony Trust is a discovered talent who decided to transform from dance to music. It is evident that this start of his music career seems to be promising.

Tony Kisubi, is a young breakthrough in the music industry. He started his career as video dancer; he has been seen on screens as a dancer in songs like Mavuunya by Ziza Bafana, Njogereza by Navio and Okikola Otya by Joel Kisakye, among others.

Tony Trust is a proud Born-again Christian who attends worship service at ETM Church, Salaama Road, in Makindye Division. He is the eldest in a family of three siblings. As he was growing up, he was inspired to dancing by Chris Brown and ABDC dancers of the Americas Best Dance Crew. And music-wise, he was inspired by José Chameleon and Mozey Radio.

For many music lovers, Tony Trust is not a new face in the music industry because he has featured in many videos as a dancer. This time around, he has decided to take yet another talent of singing that some had never discovered before. “Music has always been my thing, that’s why I have decided to go into it now,” he said.

Tony Trust started music and dance, way back in 2009, when he was still at Makindye Secondary School, but he later dropped from school in Senior Six for dance because he felt that it would be his way to success. Last year, he officially decided to leave dance for music, because he believes that though he has both talents, he feels that music will break him through and it will be higher yielding than dance.

”I am a proud Musoga from Iganga and my first project in the music industry was when my friends and I were given an opportunity to perform at a wedding; and we were given some good money and that when I realized that I can earn something from music and dance,” Tony said

He told this Sunrise reporter that he writes his music and so far he has two songs already out, like One Night Stand which was his first project and Akagato. He has so far has released a new video of Akagato which was shot by Zyga Phix, this video clearly shows how talented Tony Trust is in both music and dance.

“Apparently Tony Trust is working under his fellow musician and friend, Ykee Benda, who is helping him to push his music, and both are currently working on a project. With Ykee Benda, I have been able to travel to Rwanda, Masaka, Jinja and Mbarara and I have been given a chance to perform on many platforms,” he said.

He revealed that for the year he has spent in the industry, the major challenge he has faced so far is music promotion on radios and television, “but currently we are working on it,” he added.

Tony Trust believes that the music industry has a place for him and he knows that people will love his music because it is a kind that touches people’s hearts. He said that he would like to do collabos with local artists like Radio and Weasel, Geo Steady and David Lutalo; internationally, he would like to do a collabos with Chris Brown, Rihanna and Don Moen.





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