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‘I am under pressure’


‘I am under pressure’


Who told you that men of action do not worry? I one time feared so much and thought someone would come for me because I had written to open someone’s eyes.

If you left the comfortzone, and you said you would work for your people, now expect to deal with every thing that comes along, to hit you in the ribs. One cannot sleep in bedsoundly, if his people, he vowed toserve, are starving.

You cannot rest in the sofa and hang your feet on the table if you arealmost all the time texted by frustrated women and men who want to know if really great success exists in this world.

Last time a 26 year old lady called me in the middle of the day and asked me for the requirements one needed to join the illuminati movement. Of course she was serious. She was told that magic was a true way and that whoever leaped along such ways would see miracles happening.

She told me to tell her exactly what was required. Now she expected me to be there with her, and my failure would leave me an enemy to her.

This woman said she would do all she could, to succeed in life. Someone perhapsmisled her. Prophets and founders of religions tell people to pray diligently.

They rarely tell them to think and work as they pray. We live in the world now where almost every one wants to obtain fame.

It is the reason you see a lazy and young man saying he will one day beat Sekka at his game. When I write, he ignores the newspaper that I render my services to.

To beat me, you have to know how I throw my punches. People in this country waste time. It is true.You will enter a newsroom and find editors and all the writers around talking almost nothing about the business that puts bread into their mouths.

And these people like it when you pay them heavily. They want their weak headline to be bought by the people in the market place. It cannot happen. No sympathy. No one in the market place will pay if you have done nothing. Man eats where he works.

The guava or the handkerchief given to you by the prayer warrior will also do nothing. The world is busy now. You cannot refuse to worry if your child fails to perform, yet you provided everything.

The other lady is barren. The husband loves her. They possess money and the luxuries of this life. The Mercedes is parking. The other car is also classy. There is no peace. Now they call and ask you, “Bagenda, what can I do?”Such questions have to be answered. I am under pressure.

This lady is learned and moneyed. She is in her thirtiesand not yet married. You gather money and then diabetes or cancer and other diseases scamper quickly to where you are, to suck peace from you.

I cannot rest. I must answer someone. People are complaining. They want to know where their money is going. Also an official, who, the other day, misused public money, is down on his knees. He thinks I might one day mention their names here.

Now, who is free? The pastor, who collects baskets of money from services conducted, everyday, also finds time to turn to the almighty to apologise thinking that he perhaps extorted money from the believer.

But though you hate them, let me tell you: You can change and grow rich, or even heal, if you listen to the words a prophet or a bishop or an evangelist or a pastor says for more than three years.

These people once inspired me. Life had turned sour and I was busy thinking of how I could take away my life.

Someone has prayed. Man is not resting. The product is good. The buyers are few. We must continue teaching. The struggle continues.

A youth is radicalized until he accurately learns to chop the head of a fellow man off. There is nothing you can not do if it is the thing you really need. You are free. Look around. You will finally see the right thing.

Something is happening in this century now, and these things will completely change the world. Observe the people you see around. All those people wish to be what you also admire. They want nice cars. Some want fame, and power. They are in need of beautiful women.

They are there trying and, surely, life to them will never be the same again if they discover the right path and they choose to, persistently, walk down that path.  There is money, andbeautiful women,in the music industry.  There is sweet life in this world indeed.

In the middle of the night someone will ask me how it is done. No pressure, No diamonds. I will be there for you. Calm down and move onward, and work hard. You will achieve it.

Sekka Bagenda is a writer. An Inspirational Public Speaker and a Sports Scientist.

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