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Too much sex: The good and the bad


Too much sex: The good and the bad


Love is the best

Love is the best

I’m not a sex expert and I don’t have the moral authority to lecture you on sex. But as an adult there is a thing or two that I can share with you about sex.

An ambitious young couple went to a sex counselor and asked him how many times they should have sex in a week.  This is a rather tricky question; this is because the number of times varies from one couple to another.

Maybe the counselor can only give an average number.  At a time when some couples prefer having sex once every after two months, asking the counselor how many times you should have sex in a week becomes a challenging question.

Some of you who think that you can have sex twenty times in a week need to know that too much sex causes dehydration.

Having sex is usually a physically involving activity that will make you sweat and lose lots of water.

If you have sex too many times without staying hydrated, you could become dehydrated in no time. This is especially so if you have been taking alcohol before or while the sex. though is harmless, this is the most common effect of too much sex.

While exhaustion is not a dangerous effect of too much sex, it can affect your quality of life. You cannot afford to go through life with tiredness.

Indulging in sex several times a day will drain all your energy and leave you an exhausted feeling most of the time.

During sexual activity, the body releases nor epinephrine, epinephrine and cortisol which increase the heart rate and trigger the release of glucose in the blood. All this activity is tiring, especially when done frequently.

At the same time too much sex also has good effects.  Actually sex is good for your ticker. Anything that exercises your heart is good for you, and regular orgasms improve cardiovascular health.  Sexual arousal sends the heart rate higher and the number of beats per minute reaches its peak during orgasm – meaning you should aim to have more if you want to cut down on your gym time. As  if that’s not enough sex can combat illness and it also makes you younger.

This is good news to the men out therefore. Research has suggested that men may reduce their risk of prostate cancer prostate proportionately to their good orgasm and the stimulation of their testicles. While more research is needed, this would certainly be a welcome sex benefit. So men should have a s much sex as they can if they are to escape cancer.





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