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Vote Uganda’s Quiin Abenakyo for Miss World


Vote Uganda’s Quiin Abenakyo for Miss World

The top 30 contestants

The top 30 contestants miss Uganda is 3rd from right

Since 1967 Ugandan beauties have been representing us at the miss world beauty pageant, however, for the past fifty one years, none of them ever made it to the finals. This made many Ugandans very sceptical and many never cared whether Miss Uganda made it to the Miss World or not.

However, Quiin Abenakyo the reigning Miss Uganda has brought hope back to the state. Her intelligence, confidence and eloquence could not help but impress the judges job of choosing her very easy over Argentina’s Victoria Soto hence making our own join the top thirty final contestants

Abenakyo is gracefully playing her role. Let’s do the voting!




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