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Alex Mukulu’s peirsing criticism of Teenagers’ turns into a blessing

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Alex Mukulu’s peirsing criticism of Teenagers’ turns into a blessing

Alex Mukulu is well known for his strict approach to art

Social media has for the past few days been abuzz with a video in which Veteran playwright Alex Mukulu delivered stinging criticism of three young men.

During the popular “Yolesa Ekitone” talent search that airs on BBS Telefayina, Mukulu told the young men that they were stinking.

In the April 26 edition of the show, Mukulu is seen repeatedly tearing the boys to shreds when he told them that they had bad odor and that he would not lend them his attention.

“You stink. You didn’t allow me to watch your dance tricks because you’re stinking. You can’t dance before someone when you stink. Stop stinking. That’s all. Try and work on it. How can we judge them when they are stinking? Bye,” Mukulu is heard saying in the video that runs for more than one minute.

The video has since triggered controversy on various social media platforms with many celebrities taking sides in the row.

Songstress Remah Namakula took to Facebook to urge her senior to be kind to the boys.

She said: “Alex mukulu try to respect young talent that people bovuma just baaba betaga kuyigira kugwee omuntu omukulu🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏”

Many have also questioned Mukulu’s eligibility to host talent shows as well as condemning him for ‘inhumanely’ killing the boys’ self esteem.

However, the coin has flipped as Mukulu’s criticism to the teenagers could turn into a blessing in disguise as good Samaritans including celebrities have vowed to help change the lives of the young boys.

“Like is said….These streets have good people. There’s a LUO Musician brother of mine who has “Ordered” me to find these boys and take them shopping for shower gels, deodorants and some more shopping on his expense. (He doesn’t want to be mentioned here. #SayNotoBullies

Someone help me find them, Kindly inbox me. Thankyou Omera for this. I’ll take them myself ndowooza mbatwaleko neku lunch as well,” posted Vince Musisi, a video and sound director at Swangz Avenue.

Musician Bruno K, who has already located the boys has asked his followers to render help to the young talented gentlemen.


“I need your help please. These boys need clothes and other basic needs not only publicity. Any help someone can render just hit my dm thank you so much,” posted Bruno K.


Being a talent search product, Bruno K also said that the boys will headline his next project and also promised to pay them for it.


Meanwhile Mityana Municipality legislator Francis Zaake Butebi is also intending to treat the teenagers nicely.


“Bruno K, I am looking for these boys for launch at parliament,” posted Zaake.

By time of this publication, the boys had received William walker perfumes and clothes from other good Samaritans and are still receiving lots of love from different people.






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