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Comedian Kapale swallows pride, apologizes to Muhangi


Comedian Kapale swallows pride, apologizes to Muhangi

Mc Kapale said sorry to boss Muhangi

Bad blood between comedians Alex Muhangi and Kawuki Bashir aka Kapale has dried after the later made a public apology to the former.

The two fell out during the first phase of the Covid-19 lockdown when Muhangi removed Kapale from his long list of performers for his comedy store night.

Muhangi said Kapale needed to upgrade his comedy content as it was nolonger fit for his audience.

Kapale also accused Muhangi, Salvador and Hanington Bugingo of allegedly embezzling funds that were meant for comedians.

The verbal hostility that started in 2020 ended last Tuesday night at Levels Lounge after the two decided to bond again.

In one of his skits, Kapale knelt down and asked Muhangi for forgiveness, who in return tipped Kapale with UGX 50,000.

Kapale also apologized to MC Mariachi and everyone whom he said felt wronged by the comedian.



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