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MUK to host Taekwondo training centre


MUK to host Taekwondo training centre

Korean trainer master Kim displays the Taekwondo skills

Makerere University has offered a venue to host a training of trainers for Taekwondo martial arts sport.

The former dining hall of Nkrumah Hall will for the next one year be the centre of professional Taekwondo training for UPDF officers as instructors of the sport.

Ambassador Park Sung Soo of the Republic of Korea in Uganda hailed the occasion of the start of the training as a major achievement in his term onsidering his devotion to promoting the development of the sport in Uganda.

Ambassador Park said; “This class means a lot to both Korea and Uganda. This class is aimed training instructors in the UPDF. I am hoping they will become the seeds of Taekwondo in Uganda and disseminate Taekwondo skills and spirit to the UPDF and the Uganda society at large.”

Ambassador Park said that his country intends to expand cooperation in many areas of social economi and cultural spheres.

He observed that embracing Taekwondo, which is not only a martial arts sport but also a way of life, will accelerate the mutual relationship to develop faster.

Makerere University’s Acting Duputy Vice Chancellor Finance and Administration Prof. Henry Alinaitwe praised Korea, especially the KUKKIWON World Taekwondo Federation for choosing to work with Makerere.

Alinaitwe praised the sport as a way of maintaining physical, mental and personal discipline.

“Taekwondo, a martial art rooted in discipline, respect, and self-improvement, embodies the values that Makerere University holds dear. It is not just a sport; it is a way of life that encourages physical fitness, mental strength, and moral integrity,” said Alinaitwe.

Ms. Peninnah Kabenge, the coordinator of Sports programmes at Makerere welcomed Taekwondo as an important sport that would boost the image of the University.

She expressed hope that with Korea on board, Taekwondo could easily attract interest among students as the partnership with Korea may translate into the establishment of a Taekwondo high performance centre.

She explained that such high performance sports facilities are well equipped to enable learners acquire all the necessary skills to compete globally.



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