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HOCW’s Dr. Bolingo launches ‘Unlock the Mind’ Book


HOCW’s Dr. Bolingo launches ‘Unlock the Mind’ Book

Left to right: Rev. Patrick semambo former Makindye MP Ssempala Kigozi and Author Dr. John Bolingo

Hope of Children and Women Victims of Violence (HOCW) Executive Director Dr. John Bolingo Ntahira has released his new book on the power of critical thinking in unlockong one’s potential.

Titled “Unlock the Mind”, Bolingo’s book launch took place during a dinner reception held at Freedom City mall in Kampala on December 8, 2023.

HOCW is a refugee-led grassroots initiative devoted to instilling hope, providing opportunities and offering support to victims of violence in Ndejje Community.

While launching the book, Ntahira revealed that knowledge of truth is the fountain of freedom.

He said: “We need an education system that trains us to think. That’s the reason why I wrote this book to help Ugandans because they need to unlock their minds from mental slavery,” he said.

Ntahira noted that children need to be taught by practitioners not professors who have not practiced what they teach.

“The future of our land is in the hands of the youth who are leaving the country to go and look for greener pastures. We need to train youths on how to manage the available resources rather than begging for money.

Train them on hardship, agriculture, hands-on skills and leadership skills,” he revealed.

He also thanked the government for opening its borders to refugees.

“We are a blessing to Uganda because we are creating jobs. Refugees have become a part of the community,” Ntahira added.

Rev. Dr. Patrick Semambo who also gave an insight on the book urged the guests to always seek knowledge because knowledge is power. Adding: “Ignorance is a disease without wisdom, knowledge makes you ignorant but lacking knowledge and understanding makes u a fool.”

He stated that the problem of Ugandans is having a locked up mind.

“Ignorance makes people complain even at their own mistakes. Teachers have to teach students on how to unlock their minds so that they can be very successful people in the future. Don’t seek success but add value on yourself. This will make people get attracted to you. Once you have locked up your mind, You are trapped forever. Your current status is the evidence of your status yesterday,” Semambo said.





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