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Man displays wife and lover’s nude pics in Court


Man displays wife and lover’s nude pics in Court

With tears rolling down his eyes, on June 25, 2014, stood before Chief Magistrate Esta Nambayo in Makindye Court listening as his case was read, Writes Hadijah Najjemba.

Mustafah Nuwamanya, the man who sued Kaweesa, accusing him of sleeping with his wife Shakira Nakku, looked on.

The two men were no strangers. Nuwamanya came to know Kaweesa in March 2011 at his wedding with Nakku. Kaweesa was a page boy and it was Nakku who chose the page boys. There after they became family friends.

Nuwamanya alleges that he caught Kaweesa red handed having sex with Nakku, with whom they have three children, on the Christmas Day of 2013 in a room at Calendar Rest House in Makindye.
Kaweesa froze when Nuwamanya displayed in court nude pictures of his wife and Kaweesa allegedly taken with his phone at the scene of the Christmas sex.

“Is this not your penis?” Nuwamanya bluntly asked Kaweesa. The later could only stare, to the amazement and laughter of those in court.

Nuwamanya had apparently been spying on his wife and Kaweesa for about a year after suspecting that the two were having an affair.

“The first time I followed them was in June 2012 and they entered [Theatre] Labonita. The second time I followed them from the Old Taxi Park. They used a taxi and I used a boda-boda, up to Kireka. They entered Kaweesa’s house and locked themselves inside. I left and went back home in Ndejje,” Nuwamanya said.

On the day of Kaweesa’s arrest, Nuwamanya followed Kaweesa and Nakku up to the guest house where he booked a room just next to theirs.

“After some time I went and knocked on their door. Kaweesa must have opened thinking it was a waitress knocking. He was embarrassed to see me. My wife lay there on the bed naked with her legs wide spread. I took pictures and afterwards locked their door from outside and put the key in my pocket,” Nuwamanya narrated.

Nuwamanya called the police who arrested Kaweesa as Nakku took off. She has not been seen since.

The next hearing of the case is set for July 24 in the same court.



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