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Eskom apologizes; No more power interruption


Eskom apologizes; No more power interruption

Operations Manager Eskom Peter Tentena

Operations Manager Eskom Peter Tentena

Eskom Uganda limited, the suppliers of electricity in Uganda recently  publically apologized to Ugandans for the blackout that was experienced Wednesday last week saying they were doing everything
possible to get to the root cause to ensure that the incident does not happen again.

The operations manager Eskom Uganda limited, Pater Tentena issued a press release in which Eskom committed  itself on their mission of ensuring excellent asset care.

“Eskom Uganda Limited regrets the power interruption that occurred on 27th of July 2016 during the peak time. The incident is the first of its kind in the last 13 years of our operations” he said.

According to Tentena, at around 19:14 hours, a system disturbance was experienced leading to a loss of 163MW of generation at Nalubaale and Kiira power stations leaving only one unit at Kiira with an output of 40MW.

He said the incident coincided with switching on interbus transformer number 1 which was coming out of maintenance.

“At 19:36hrs, the last Kiira unit tripped off the system due to system instability leading to a total loss of power generation from the complex and consequently, a total generation of 201MW was lost in the

This was a significant load loss and impacted the rest of the power system leading to cascaded tripping off the entire power system” he noted. He added that the incident was triggered by a bus zone protection trip in the 132KV substation. Bus zone protection is a scheme installed to isolate a section of the bus bar in case of a fault on the specific system.

Tentena noted that at 20:31hours, reference voltage from Kenya power system was provided by Uganda Electricity Transmission Company limited which enabled synchronization of the unit and within ten minutes, a total of 120MW had been restored for normal operations.

He assured Ugandans that they will do everything to ensure that such a thing never happens again.



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