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Aviation gurus meet on enhancing safety


Aviation gurus meet on enhancing safety

CAA MD Rama Makuza with Aviation experts

CAA MD Rama Makuza with Aviation experts

Experts in aviation from over seven African countries met in Uganda this week to chat ways of enhancing safety of the industry particularly regarding air navigation.

Players from regulatory agencies, airlines and other operators in the industry were discussing ways of implementing the Collaborative Decision Making (CDM) process – a joint government/industry initiative aimed at improving air traffic flow management through increased information exchange among aviation community stakeholders.

Addressing a news conference this week at the annual Civil Air Navigation Services Organization (CANSO), the Managing Director of Uganda Civil Aviation Authority Dr. Rama Makuza revealed that the CDM discussions are essential for better management of traffic at airports in view of increased number of aircrafts and passengers, but also advancements in technology.

For example, Dr. Makuza told journalists that given the unpredictable shortfalls that might occur and distract the communication with aircrafts, they have switched to satellite-based navigation to cope with the changing technology as well as meet recommendations of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).

“It is part of the Entebbe Airport masterplan and with technological advancements, we had to move to satellite. It is more reliable and ensures that issues like power black-outs can’t scare us any more,” Makuza explained.

Makuza further noted that as part of Entebbe airport’s grand expansion, the government of Uganda is soon embarking on the construction of two more international airports in Bunyoro and Kabaale.

He revealed that the government has already obtained funds towards construction of those airports.
Makuza explained that CAA Uganda is an active member of Civil Air Navigation Services Oganisation Africa and is committed to all its activities.

Uganda hosted the CANSO Africa safety conference in 2013 and in 2015 participated in the Peer Review Exchange Mission within the East African Community.
Participants at the workshop came from countries including Kenya, South Sudan and South Africa.



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