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Alur culture promoting conflict, violence – RDC 


Alur culture promoting conflict, violence – RDC 

Tilling the land

Tilling the land

The Nebbi Resident District Commissioner, Bessy Modesta Ajilong, has blamed the Alur culture for causing land conflicts and violence against children.

Ajilong made these remarks during a meeting on gender-based violence organized by Action Aid held at GAF Hotel in Nebbi last week.

She said the Alur Kingdom cultural institutions have promoted polygamy to dominate the thinking of the people to the extent that when a man of the home dies, the women and children are forced to leave their marital homes. This is as a result of the women and children being left in the hands of in-laws who inherit the property, who victimize them, she added.

Ajilong notes that the women and children are accused as witches thus making the excuses of chasing them away from home.

The Alur Kingdom Secretary General, Valentino Oyukuthu, appeared to agree with the RDC when he said that cultural leaders are not allowed to stop people from marrying many wives as many claim to be capable to take care.

He blamed the inability of the cultural institutions to check on polygamous tendencies because initially the Government prevented them from  handling such cases.

Oyukuthu added that there has been a moral decay among the subjects in the kingdom as a result.

Meanwhile, the Traffic Officer-in-Charge of Nebbi, Richard Olil, has confirmed reports that traffic accidents in the district  reduced in the last nine months. According to traffic reports, there were only two fatal accident cases recorded last month where by; a tipper lorry, UAK 789 collided with a bodaboda killing Francis Mungujakisa, a resident of Akworo sub-county.

The report adds that in the period only 46 cases of road accidents have been recorded in which those involved sustained minor injuries.

“In the past there was a lot of mourning in many villages about residents losing their dear ones to terrible accidents,” Walter Opakrwoth, a resident within the Municipality notes. Olili attributed this to the vigorous community policing meant to curb down reckless and untrained drivers.

He also added that the imposition of strictness on vehicles inspection had eliminated the vehicles with dangerous mechanical conditions (DMCs) from the roads. Olili, however warned passengers who allow to be overloaded by greedy drivers to discipline such drivers.



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