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Attack on Dr. Obuku sends shivers among medics


Attack on Dr. Obuku sends shivers among medics

Dr. Obuku

The President of the Uganda Medical Association (UMA) Dr. Obuku Ekwaro is admitted at Case Medical Centre in Kampala after unknown assailants attacked him last night as he was returning to his home.

A statement signed by Prof. Pauline Byakika, the Vice President of the Medical Association, noted that Dr. Obuku was attacked at around 11pm as he got home.

“He was attacked by 5 well built men at his gate. They threw huge stones at his windscreen and ordered him to get out. He was mugged and his phone was stolen.

“He sustained head injury and bled profusely. He was rushed to CASE hospital where he’s currently undergoing treatment in the ICU.

Prof. Byakika’s statement adds that Dr. Obuku is currently conscious, stable and improving steadily.

The spokesperson of the Uganda Police Force Emilian Kayima confirmed to The Sunrise that an attack happened although they have not arrested anyone yet.

“We’ve visited the hospital and scene, unfortunately, there is no camera we could use to identify the attackers. So no arrests have been made so far.”

He added: “We have not been able to speak to him, but hopefully, he’s out of danger and believe we shall be able to talk to him.”

The attack on Dr. Obuku, an outspoken advocate of the doctors’ concerns comes at a time when Medics are up in arms with the government over their demands to raise their salaries.

The attack is likely to send shivers down the spines of medics and indeed leaders of civil servants who’ve recently expressed willingness to demand for better pay.

Some medics, whom The Sunrise has talked to expressed fear that although the attackers stole his phone, their motives may be linked to his recent work in mobilizing his colleagues to demand for better pay.

It is understood that the doctors demands unsettled significant discomfort for government.



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