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TOGIKWATAKO: Opposition plan to block Age limit report


TOGIKWATAKO: Opposition plan to block Age limit report

Butambala MP Muwanga Kivumbi

Butambala MP Muwanga Kivumbi

Members of the opposition in parliament have vowed to resist the approval of a report on the Constitutional Amendment Bill seeking to amend article 102 (B) that seeks to remove the 75-year age limit for the presidency next week in parliament.

The Opposition MPs led by Butambala County MP Muwanga Kivumbi said that they will not permit approval of what they called a rigged report that is expected to be presented by a section of members of the legal and parliamentary affairs committee.

Announcing what was described as the Togikwatako Week, Muwanga Kivumbi pointed out that the opposition is ready to put up a spirited fight to protect the constitution and the public outcry against the proposed amendment of the constitution. Calling on the general public to join in the struggle, Muwanga said there are a number of activities including daily press conferences lined up to fight the removal of the age limit clause in the constitution

“Across the country, the colour for the week, is red and General Kale Kayihura can no longer stop the wind that is blowing this country, it is a total wastage of resources and effort on his side, so every Uganda is being asked, we are requesting you, beginning Monday the colour of dress is red, this time the people of Uganda are being asked to do all they can in their own smallness to show that they are for Togikwatako (Do not touch Article 102 (B) ) -Muwanga

Opposition MPs including, Rolland Mugume,  Moses Kasibante, Francis Mwijuke, Latiff Ssebagala, Joseph Sewungu among others called on all Ugandans to engage their MPs and make sure that they represent their views on the matter.

Kivumbi says it is not going to be business as usual, adding that they have already rehearsed for the day when the report will be presented.

He says the opposition is to ensure that MPS, who reside around Wakiso district and other places are going to be visited massively by voters, Muwanga said that they are mobilizing the voters to lobby them and not to hurt them.

Hundreds and thousands of activists and ordinary Ugandans plan to call MPs asking them not to touch Article 102(B) of the constitution.

“We are also going to organize a parade along parliamentary avenue on that very day the report is being presented, so that every MP who enters parliament to debate gets a guard of honour and they will be saying one message of Togikwatako (Do not torch) and they will line up these streets”-Muwanga said.

The Opposition MPs criticized the report currently being drafted at Serena Hotel Lweza saying the committee failed to consult Ugandans as per the agreed program.

The committee decided to immediately embark on drafting the report after plans to hold countrywide consultations on the proposal hit a snag. This was after the Clerk to Parliament Jane Kibirige told the committee that the Parliamentary Commission did not have money to facilitate the exercise.

Lubaga North MP Moses Kasibante stresses that the parliamentary proceedings are so important for any Ugandan to miss, adding that since this is one of the ways of handling the members of parliament accountable, Uganda Communication Commission is obliged to ensure that Television stations are not hindered from relaying the parliamentary proceedings live.

Kasibante appeals to UCC but to Mutabazi in particular not to make any attempts aiming at switching off live broadcasts when the matter comes to parliament especially on Tuesday next week.

“Ugandans need to know more during this time about their MPS, we are representatives of the people and actually we are doing everything on their behalf they must know how we vote…,how we speak about this very sensitive issue. UCC is not an institution owned by Mutabazi so he should not just switch off because he does not want to see what is happening”.




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