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Panic as Uganda Police fail to rescue janitors at postal building


Panic as Uganda Police fail to rescue janitors at postal building

Narrow escape. One of the two men who had been trapped in a cleaning carrier that nearly fell down, being rescued

Uganda Post office headquarters along Kampala road was today morning the scene of dramatic moments when janitors narrowly escaped falling off the building they were cleaning.

Pandemonium broke out when one of the ropes attached to the machine which janitors use to clean high-rise buildings, broke, leaving the two men hanging by just one rope.

The two men visibly terrified to death, spent more than one hour in a suspended carrier, as Police tried in vain to rescue the two men.

The police officers who arrived 30 minutes from when the incident started, attracted ridicule and public anger from a large crowd that had gathered as the police officers explained they had not come with appropriate rescue equipment such as ladders and jackets but had instead turned up with water for extinguishing fire.

Police’s failure to rescue the two men triggered more panic as people were seen pacing up and down.

The situation was only saved by courageous volunteers led by one Hakim Ssemanda. Working with a few helpers, Ssemanda dropped heavy ropes from the top of the building towards the terrified men which they tied around their waists and climbed back up.

The two survivors, shaking from apparent shock, were given warm water and heavy jackets to warm them.
Embarrassed by the the incident, one man whom bystanders identified as the owner of the cleaning company, attempted to intimidate reporters by trying to grab their cameras.

The police intervened and prevailed on the man as they proceeded to interrogate the janitors on details of their company.

Bystanders attributed the incident to carelessness of employers who mind about money but not the safety of their employees by using tired ropes.

Ssemanda, the hero of the moment, urged government to equip the police rescue department with adequate equipment as they couldn’t provide a ladder to help the victims.



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