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Native voice promoting Women through films and documentaries


Native voice promoting Women through films and documentaries

Sarah addressing the guests during yesterday

Native Voice International has embarked on the campaign of promoting the lives of women in Uganda. Through producing short films and documentaries, Native voice has made the voices of the voiceless especially women heard.

This was revealed by Sarah Kizza Nsigaye the Executive Director of Native Voice International during the unveiling of the theme of the 2020 Womanhood Conference at Pearl of Africa Hotel on Thursday this week.

“Women here are perceived by media as being inferior but in actual sense we have women who are making great achievements. Through documentary and film production, we look for those women and profile them in order to inspire others” she said

Ghezelsofla left at the function

Nsigaye said that some Ugandan women have success stories to talk about rather than only depicting them as a weaker gender.

“You will only hear stories of sex exploitation, especially in the entertainment industry. But all this is because women have been left to appear mostly in front of the cameras we need them to also participate in technical duties like producing, editing rather than only acting” she said

As a measure of eliminating gender inequality, Nsigaye said that they have introduced awards that shall specifically be given to best women who perform some critical role like producing and editing.”We need to make a positive change in Uganda” she said.

The annual conference is slated to take place on 6th March 2020 shall be organized under the theme: From the horse’s mouth- a woman’s Narrative. 

Nsigaye said that the conference shall be attended by delegates especially women from different parts of the world like Chief Trisa from Ethiopia.

Mirai Matembe extreme (L) Prioffesor Vanasius (M) and Victoria Ssekitoleko during the function

Miria Matembe the former Minister of Ethics and Integrity called upon ladies to come out and use the powers that were invested in them by God to promote their lives instead of only relying on men.

“Some men are helpless and weak, they are real clay whenever you lay on him, and he just melts. You are stronger than them. A lady only needs to rely on God and a man rely on you” he said

The function was also graced by the former Vice chancellor of Makerere University Professor Vanasius Baryamureba, Former Executive Director of Food Agricultural Organization Victoria Ssekitoleko, the Iranian Cultural Counselor Muhammad Ghezelsofla and other officials.



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