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Uganda’s Debating Ambassador win more accolades


Uganda’s Debating Ambassador win more accolades

Waiswa while meeting the speaker last year

Ali Waiswa, the 24 year-old Ugandan is arguably the country’s youngest  and most visible ambassador thanks to his unmatched debating skills.

During the past four months alone, Waiswa has collected three international awards from debating competitions that have been organised in different countries.

He thanked Speaker of Parliament Rebecca Kadaga for the help she gave him.

Between August 2019 and February 2020, Waiswa scooped three awards from different competitions.

Waiswa in Bali, Indonesia

His first award, and perhaps the one that triggered his search for more glory, came in August 2019, when he attended the Rotaract Global Model United Nations 2019 conference of the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC)’s that was held in Nepal. He won the Honourable mention award after emerging second in the stiff debating competition that took place during the Bali Asia International Model United Nations debate conference that took place in Indonesia in January 2020. He also emerged the best delegate in the recently concluded international model conference in Africa that was held in Nairobi, Kenya.

Waiswa with other delegates in Indonesia

Unlike last year where Waiswa’s parents had to sell off their only piece of land (50×100) in Nabidonga (A) village, Iganga Municipality in Iganga district at Ugx36m to raise the ugx30m that was needed for the whole trip cover all expenses, this year the parliament through Speaker, Rebecca Kadaga relieved him.

“I met the speaker with the other awards last year, and when I explained to her about my invitation to Indonesia, she willingly offered me an air ticket, I am so grateful for that gesture from the speaker.” he said

New York invitation

His journey now looks brighter than ever before because the United Nations has now invited him to attend the Future we want model United Nations conference (FWWMUN) that will be held in New York between 21st and 23rd February 2020.

“The conference will be attended by over 2000 students globally but only 10 youths across the globe have won partial sponsorship from UN which includes conference fees, accommodation and feeding and I am among those 10 lucky winners because I passed the essay writing competition” he said.

If he makes it to New York, Waiswa will become one of the top ten UN world peace ambassadors.

Secret behind his success 

Waiswa attributes his success to proper preparations that he always put in before heading for these conferences.

“Two weeks to the conference, they normally send us topics and what I do is to carry out thorough research and make sure that I present my topics from an informed point of view” he said

Waiswa with another award winner

He added that; “I am always confident when presenting my points on any topic and I make sure that I start by quoting a credible media report, United Nations report, A credible journal or a research report in line with my topic”

About the Future plans

Waiswa in Nepal last year

In an interview with the Sunrise last year, Waiswa said that his focus was to persuade the Ugandan government to host the Rotaract MUN debate-oriented system in all high schools.

“My plans are to initiate the Model of United Nations Debate Oriented System in all High schools, vocational institutions and Universities so that the skills I acquired can be shared and used to impact on the life of the youth, and the whole country at large,” he said

He said that this time his paper work is ready now remaining for government support such that it can be kick started, “I even have colleagues in UK and New York who are also interested and ready to support the system but they first want to see the program running




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