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Ugandans quarantined over Corona virus


Ugandans quarantined over Corona virus

Health minister Aceng

In the new wake of the deadly Corona Virus that started in China, Ugandan authorities through the Ministry of Health has isolated 100 people who entered Uganda from China.

The Minister of Health Jane Ruth Aceng told a news conference this week at the Uganda Media Centre that 57 Ugandans and 43 Chinese had been quarantined in their Homes amid tight supervision from health officials. But the minister allayed fears that those quarantined are victims since they had been examined by experts and were found to be free of the virus. She explained however, that quarantining was taken as a safety measure to keep them monitored.

“We have quarantined 100 people from China and these include 57 Ugandans and 43 Chinese. Our health team will follow up the persons in their homes for 14 days on a daily basis and they (quarantined persons) will be  released by the surveillance officers upon certification they are ok,” said Aceng.

Aceng added: “All travelers from the 23 countries with confirmed cases will be required to provide personal details including home address, telephone numbers and the next of kin for follow up”.

The Health Ministry has identified Entebbe main referral Hospital and Naguru Uganda -China Friendship Hospital as treatment and isolation centres and the Uganda Virus Research Institute for ((UVRI) for blood and sample testing.

Aceng revealed that  different screening centers on the different border and entry points  have been set  up across the country with strict measures on those who are traveling outside and into Uganda mainly from the 23 countries  that have so far been infected” said Aceng.

The minister also cautioned Ugandans to be vigilant and avoid close contacts and shaking of hands. She urged people to wear masks in public places and keep an extra hygiene with clean hands and avoid unnecessary touching of the face.

Aceng refuted claims that a Ugandan student living in Wuhan city died of the virus saying all the 63 students in Wuhan china are in good health and are being looked after by the Ugandan Embassy in China with help from the Chinese government.

On containing the virus and capabilities of the country Aceng said the Uganda Virus Research Institute (UVRI) is well equipped with the state of the art equipment from the government and development partners making it capable to handle the threat.

The World Health Organization representative in Uganda Dr. Yonas Tegegn encouraged Ugandans to be vigilant, and take extra care with hygiene.

The Corona Virus broke out in late December 2019 in the China of Wuhan, Hubei Province. As of February 4, 2020, a total of 24,600 confirmed cases have been reported from 25 countries with about 500 deaths, majority of whom being Chinese.




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