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Conditions for Arcades, Salons, Boda bodas come with easing lockdown


Conditions for Arcades, Salons, Boda bodas come with easing lockdown

110 arcades in Kampala have been given the green light to reopen

President Museveni has said Boda Boda cyclists will be required to record the identities of their clients as they are allowed to resume carrying passengers on July 27.

Recording customer details, in addition to hand washing, is also one of the requirements at the entrances of at least 110 Arcades in Kampala, that have been allowed to re-open.

“Upon inspection by our scientists we have decided to open 110 compliant arcades that follow Standard Operating Procedures,” Museveni said the compliant arcades, and salons will resume immediately while normal operations of boda bodas will start July 27, 2020.


For salons, the president announced very tough conditions including:
*Masks for clients
*Face shields for operators
*Maintaining social distance
* No air conditioning inside the salons
* Having Temperature guns at entrances
* Maintain proper hygiene
Museveni also announced an extension of the curfew time to now start between 9pm until 5:30am.

Worship places

Museveni pleaded with Church leaders to be patient with him by not demanding the lifting of lockdown restrictions on places of worship, saying he is consulting with the inter-religious council to agree on safe ways to re-open.

Airport and Borders

Museveni further said that Entebbe International Airport as wells as other border points will remain closed to passenger travel until the situation normalises here and elsewhere in the world.
This comes as Rwanda Air, Rwand’s national flag carrier announced resumption of flights on August 1.


On schools, Museveni said the government is hesitant to announce a dead year saying that a vaccine or treatment could be found between now and September.

Given the anticipated challenges associated with government procurement, distribution and rollout of immunization to a population of 15m students, it is not feasible to resume schools this year, even if those solutions were to be found now.



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