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Owiny-Dollo named Chief Justice


Owiny-Dollo named Chief Justice

Alphonse Owinyo Dollo is the new Chief Justice of Uganda

President Yoweri Museveni has elevated Deputy Chief Justice Alphonse Owinyo to the office of Chief Justice, the most powerful office  in the judiciary.

This comes after the retirement of Bart Katureebe about two months ago.

Museveni has also appointed justice Richard Buteera to deputize Dollo.

As Deputy Chief Justice, Buteera will also be the head of the Constitutional Court.

The duo’s appointment is however seen by some critics as a deepening of the ruling party’s influence in the judiciary as they are both considered to be cadre judges.

But with Museveni’s 35 years in power and given his constitutional mandate in choosing Chief Justices, it would be foolhardy to expect or even imagine an appointment of an independent-minded person to steer the judiciary, whose decisions are critical to the survival of the government.

Lawyer Isaac Ssemakadde argues that Dollo comes to office with a tainted record that arose from his handling of the age-limit case.

“Whatever distinction new CJU Owiny Dollo may boast of, some of us do not see it. Like his predecessor Katureebe, their careers were tainted by the age-limit scandal.

Historianswill recall this appointment as a devil’s pact & nadir for judicial skulduggery in a fading junta.”



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