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COVID; What school inspection team are looking for


COVID; What school inspection team are looking for

Schools face a big challenge meeting the requirements

The Ministry of Education has started inspecting schools around the country ahead of reopening later this month to ensure adherence to set Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to combat the spread of Coronavirus.

“As we plan to reopen schools for candidates on October 15, the Ministry of Education and Sports is mindful of the safety of the learners, staff and visitors to the institutions.

The ministry through the Directorate of Education Standards has therefore organised to inspect the institutions before the learners of candidate classes report,” reads a circular signed by Kule Baritazale, Commissioner for Secondary Education at the Ministry of Education and sent to all school and institution heads throughout the country says.

According to the circular, the inspection that started October 5,2020 is aimed at ensuring all schools and other educational institutions adhere to the set standards before being allowed to reopen.

“Institutions that will satisfy the basic requirements as indicated in the guidelines will be issued with Compliance Certificates and allowed to reopen,” adds the circular.

Baritazale adds that the inspection is to be carried out by officials from both the Ministry of Education and local government who will properly identify themselves to the school heads.

According to the ministry of education, only schools that score above 60% of the set SOPs shall be allowed to reopen.

The ministry is putting emphasis on availability of hand washing facilities, adherence to social distancing requirements.

In addition, inspectors will be looking out for existence of personal protective gear for school askaris, and front-desk staff and other workers as well as presence of COVID prevention signposts.

Ministry of education officials say they also will look out for facilities that ensure cleanliness and hygiene such as safe garbage disposal, good ventilation, adequate facilities for both teachers and students.

President Museveni last month set October 15, 2020 as the date on which schools would reopen for candidate classes I.e P.7, S.4 and S.6 plus finalists in tertiary institutions like colleges and universities.

Museveni explained that experts think it is safe for finalists to resume studies because they are only 1.5 million which represents only 10% of the total number of 15 million learners in country.

“Each group will have a bigger space for social distancing. If they follow Standard Operating Procedures, they will be safe. The cost of waiting any further is very high because of the jam of transition,” said Museveni.

But the ministry is also using the inspection process to catch those individuals who are operating schools without licences.



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