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Campaign in schools, Museveni tells Busoga NRM mobilizers


Campaign in schools, Museveni tells Busoga NRM mobilizers

Youth promised to rally behind Museveni in 2021 elections

President Yoweri Museveni has advised
NRM youth mobilisers in Busoga to take the campaign to schools so as to win the support of the candidates who are eligible to vote.

But elections observers have condemned the advice as inappropriate and one that is likely to interfere with the students’ exam preparations let alone increase the risk of spreading COVID-19.

Museveni offered the advice to his party’s Flag bearers in Busoga who included constituency members of parliament, woman MPs and District chairpersons while meeting with them at the Jinja Agricultural Show grounds in Jinja city over the weekend.

Museveni said it was important to win the support of the young people.

“Many schools are still closed but candidate classes are there so you should go and mobilize them,” Museveni said according to a press statement issued by his media team.

“So we have agreed, you go and visit my farm, campaign in schools, after elections, we shall empower you economically and you become examples of the rest,” he said.

But Crispy Kaheru, an independent Elections expert told The Sunrise that the president’s advice is inappropriate as campaigns are likely to derail the candidates who are now either doing their exams or are preparing to.

Kaheru also noted that holding campaigns in schools flips the whole logic of limiting interactions between the children and the general public, on its head.

“Allowing people to enter schools will greatly increase the risk of spreading COVID-19. That is why interactions between the general public are greatly limited,” said Kaheru.



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