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UPDF deploys heavily ‘to keep peace’ during elections


UPDF deploys heavily ‘to keep peace’ during elections

UPDF deployed heavily at the Media Centre upon hearing of the journalists protest

The government has deployed heavily in Kampala and Wakiso districts in a move as routine measure meant to maintain he highest level of security as Ugandans go for presidetial and Parliamentary elections on Thursday January 14, 2021.

Although the deployment had triggered concern in some quarters of the population that the deployment is meant to intimidate voters, Nakawa Resident City Commissioner (RCC) Herbert Anderson Burora has called for calm saying that the heavy security deployment is for public safety citing that it’s only aimed at increasing citizens’ confidence of executing their constitutional right of voting peacefully.

“Ugandans shouldn’t fear these officers because they are of no harm. Whoever feels threatened by the deployment maybe one of the people intending to create chaos,” he said.

Addressing Journalists at the Uganda Media Centre (UMC) on Monday morning, Burora revealed that the intelligence team has received information that some groups have printed yellow shirts labelled ‘Museveni generation’ and are planning to cause chaos on the polling day.

“Please restrain yourself from using party colours to cause riots, we have major threats that are still with us,” he said.

He however cautioned the public not to put their entire focus only on elections but instead keep more vigilant about other criminality that may threaten people’s lives.

“We expect that some terrorism acts and other criminalities may take plus election malpractice activities.”

Meanwhile, he noted that it has come to their attention that some Organizations and Companies have issued internal memos restricting workers from voting through assigning normal routine working hours and duties.

“You all know that Article 59(1) of the constitution allows every Ugandan of voting age to participate in the change of leadership of their country, while Article 50 mandates the state to ensure this right is protected.” He noted.

Burora added that a mobile security team has been constituted and that they will be moving from one company to another to ensure that workers are not restrained from voting.

“A mobile number has been opened, this will help Ugandans call and report these individuals who are planning to riot and also enable workers to report their bosses in case they are not given a chance to vote,” he said.



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