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Digital Postal Address will be mandatory-Govt


Digital Postal Address will be mandatory-Govt


The government says it will enforce a long-ignored regulation that requires anyone registering a company to own a portal address, in what could be an attempt by the government to save the struggling Posta Uganda.

While addressing a news conference at the Uganda Media Centre, Minister of Information and National Guidance Judith Nabakooba said: “Under Sections 115 and 116 of the Companies Act, it is a requirement for all companies to acquire and declare valid P.O. Box addresses prior to registration in Uganda.”

Nabakooba said however that instead of enforcing the operation of the old post boxes, Posta Uganda is revolutionalizing its services to introduce digital postal addresses.

As a result, each company will be required to maintain a digital postal address by paying an annual renewal fee of UGX20,000.

The mister also noted that individuals can as well secure postal addresses for themselves given the fact that the initial cost of accessing one was reduced from UGX 80,000 to UGX 20,000 renewable every year. Furthermore, the minister noted that the System has enabled on-line creation and management of Post Office Addresses (previously called P.O. Box Numbers) thereby easing fulfillment of the national law on registration of companies and lately, filing annual returns.

Nabakooba further said that a number of government agencies already have MOU’s with Posta which could expand their network all over Uganda.

She cited agencies like the National Identification and Registration Authority, Immigration office among others as agencies in close collaboration with Posta Uganda to boost business.

The move is also part of efforts by her ministry to revive Posta Uganda to get a new life in the digital era.

She said Posta will soon carry out digital services such as helping people to process driving permits, National Ids, Passports as well as transfer information electronically in what is being dubbed e-Posta.

While launching the E-Posta system, Nabakooba noted that the system will not only ease service delivery, it will spur business and e-commerce for Ugandans given the current digital driven economy.

The Minister noted that a number of IT applications by innovative young entrepreneurs in collaboration with Posta Uganda have been tested and are being used country-wide citing that Ugandans should have no worry with the system.

Arising from this, the Ministry of ICT and National Guidance carried out a competitive process and identified credible young Ugandans who were given financial assistance to develop practical IT solutions.

She noted that Posta Uganda has used the System to so far to connect 49 out of 108 offices country-wide thereby enabling quick and reliable exchange of information.

“Application and distribution of Drivers’ Licenses could also be decentralized. Therefore, I call upon all Ugandans to reach out to the nearest Post Office and acquire a digital address, in a bid to further our engagements for business and e-commerce,” she said.
He minister also revealed that the new system is to enable online payment, renewal and amendment of owners’ particulars in case there was change in the composition of directors in the company.

She as well noted that there are ongoing efforts to secure
budges to establish Government service Centres in post offices across the country to enable Ugandans obtain services conveniently, quickly and cheaply.

“With the implementation of this system and connecting many post offices, I want to invite public agencies to tap into this government infrastructure to improve on their service delivery,” she said.



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