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Storm starts to blow over Kabaka’s health


Storm starts to blow over Kabaka’s health

Kabaka Mutebi at his 66th birthday celebrations

Unanswered questions surrounding the health of the Kabaka of Buganda Ronald Muwenda Mutebi have caused a storm among his subjects which threatens to undermine the leadership of Katikkiro Charles Peter Mayiga, and perhaps most importantly, the unity and tranquility of Buganda.

Expressions of anger and sadness have filled the social media sphere since April 13 when the Kabaka appeared at Lubiri Palace for celebrations to mark his 66th birthday, visibly suffering from a worrying health condition.

The condition does not allow his Highness to focus his sight or close his mouth for long. And unlike his trademark composed but firm speech pattern, the latest video shared by Katikkiro Mayiga’s media aides, suggest that Kabaka’s has got a bit of a stammer.

While many have expressed the view that Kabaka is human and can fall sick anytime, it is the silence on the part of the Mengo establishment, led by Katikkiro Charles Peter Mayiga, that has angered majority of the King’s subjects and we’ll wishers of Buganda.

Fearing to violate some of their own customs against challenging the infallibility of the king, many commentators have avoided direct reference to Kabaka’s ill-health.

Most commentators have instead turned their anxiety against Katikkiro Mayiga for not coming out to tell the kingdom what exactly befell the king.

Most unflattering comments, and some quite exceedingly, uncivilized have accompanied Katikkiro’s pictures of Kabaka’s birthday celebrations.

Judging by the trend o things, opportunists and annemies of Buganda could take advantage of Kabaka’s health to cause further disunity in the kingdom.



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