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Parents rise up to tackle growing ‘Moral Terrorism’ of Homosexuality


Parents rise up to tackle growing ‘Moral Terrorism’ of Homosexuality

Left to Right: Langa. Homosexuality survivor am a parent

A cross section of concerned parents, educators and religious leaders from different faith groups, have risen up to challenge the government to step up efforts to investigate and curb what they say is the alarming campaign to initiate minors into homosexual activities.

The group led by renowned relationships and family counselor Stephen Langa, the Executive Director Family Life Network held a news conference recently and demanded that government comes out to take a leading role in curbing the worrying trend of initiation of children into homosexual behaviors, especially in schools which can turn into a security threat for the country.

Langa says because these behaviors have adverse effects on the society, there is an urgent need for all stakeholders to stand up and protect the country’s future generation.

“We are raising an alarm to government, the education institutions that we have been invaded as a country,

it is an invasion just like the terrorism attack, it is actually a moral terrorism, they are coming to destroy our nation by destroying our children who are the future generation because homosexuality is destructive,”Langa noted.

He asked the government to interest itself into these matters as a way of reversing the growing and unfortunate trend of immorality being witnessed among the young people.

The government should investigate this matter, investigate these organizations registered or not, investigate the funding agencies especially the international ones, investigate the foreign embassies, a lot of them are behind this agenda, a lot of them are giving moral support and protection to those doing these evil acts. We (Uganda) are a sovereign state, we do not want to be taken into cultural or sexual colonialism,” Langa stressed.
Langa says the group has resolved to start a Parent led family/sexuality education program to supplement government efforts to protect Uganda’s children against the dangerous vices.

Hellen Katusime, a mother of six boys, called on fellow parents across the country to be close to their children to be able to know what is going on in their lives. Katusime further revealed that even for the cases of children who have already been initiated into these habits, there is hope that they can be rehabilitated and rescued from the abyss of homosexuality.

Sister Milly Rose Piloya, from the National Religious Education Coordination Uganda Catholic Secretariat stresses that the schools under the Catholic Church are supposed to instill moral and spiritual values among children which is now being derailed.
Piloya added that we must make our schools safe for learning and endeavor to fight homosexuality.

Hajji Ali Lwanga from the Muslim Education Association reminded the Muslim faithful that according the teachings of Quran, Allah does not condone such acts or even any person who merely may attempt to change their looks to have a look of a different sex.
One victim (names withheld for purposes of protection) testified how he was induced into recording homosexuality pornography in the shelters owned by the Sexual Minorities of Uganda (SMUG) in Kampala.

Speaking at the press conference, the youngman who says he has since come out of this homosexuality business after being diagnosed with long time illnesses, told reporters that he was not alone and the organization kept on recruiting minors between the ages of 14 and 17.
Meanwhile Langa called on the legislators at the East African Legislative Assembly to outrightly reject the proposed bill on Sexuality and Reproductive health alleging that it intends to legalize abortion, prostitution and homosexuality.

Langa says that because the efforts to legalize these vices have failed at the National level, now promoters of vices like Abortion and homosexuality want to use the regional body to enact the East African Sexuality and Reproductive Bill 2021 to roll ‘these evil behaviors’ in the different states.

According to Langa, the gay advocates have been defeated to pass these things through the individual national Parliaments and so they are going to the East African legislative Assembly so that once it is passed there, it will now be easy rolled it out in the different nations.

“So we are coming out against as parents to say no to these things because these things that are harmful to our society, These things have the capacity to destroy civilization and so we reject it and so we have given our submission to the EALA, we have given our voices as parents that we reject this matter we do not want to see it in our nation and we are asking them to reject it at that level,”Langa said.

Referring the East African Authorities to the recent US Supreme Court ruling that reversed national protections against abortions, Langa said East African citizens do not need foreign behaviors like Abortion and homosexuality.



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