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Public sceptical about Gov’t plan to install CCTV Cameras on lakes


Public sceptical about Gov’t plan to install CCTV Cameras on lakes

Uganda’s Prime Minister Robinah Nabbanja

The general public has reacted with scepticism to the government plans to install CCTV cameras on Uganda’s major water bodies allegedly to curb illegal fishing.

While addressing Parliament this week Prime Minister Robinah Nabbanja said that the government is planning to install the gadgets on the lakes to curb illegal fishing.

Nabbanja told Parliament that: “Cameras on Lake Albert shall be fully installed by December this year, while for Lake Edward, it will be next year and for L.Victoria, procurement is on.”

One Masaba Gomei reacted to Nabbanja’s revelation with doubt. He said: “Nonsense. If even the ones on roads & others installed are not operating. What about on water? How pragmatic is the idea. Uganda we joke too much.”

Sonko Liam, on the other hand suggested corruption could be a major motivation for the project. He said: “Cameras are not a solution to everything to do with Ugandan security but rather a systemic redress to the the security agencies’ corrupt and dubious dealings!”

Others expressed anger suggesting that the government is going to extremes to chase ordinary fishermen from using public resources yet the same government officials are not willing to go the same length to catch corrupt gov’t workers by installing cameras in offices.

One Teddy said: “Wasting tax payer’s money. Let the locals also benefit from staying near the shores. We should instead put audible CCTV camera in all top government officers to reduce on the numbers of corrupt government officials.”



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