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Church leaders draw up grand plan for ‘Preservation of family’


Church leaders draw up grand plan for ‘Preservation of family’

Church leaders planning to transform the place of family in Uganda’s life

Church leaders and leaders involved in family life are preparing a comprehensive paper for Parliament on the desired legislation to positively impact and protect the family as the basic unit of society.

Speaking ahead of the launch of the Leadership Forum scheduled on November 5, the National Director LIFE ministry Uganda, David Wataba says that several engagements by a special think-tank are underway to ensure that the right laws and policies are enacted to safeguard the institution of family in Uganda.

This comes at a time when the foundations of the family in Uganda and across the globe are under attack by promotion of ‘ungodly’ ideas such as same sex marriages, abortion and irresponsible parenting.

Wataba says that as the Leadership Forum that is expected to be launched by the First Lady Janet Museveni next week will ran under the theme; “One Home at a Time” program to empower husbands and wives on parenting, love based on Godly principles.

According to the organizers, the Leadership Forum is not a one-off, but a sustainable movement that will also engage young people as members of the families through an outreach program in schools and institutions dubbed Life at Crossroads.

He adds that the Forum is not limited to One Home at a Time and Life at Crossroads programs, but it is also considering influencing the legislative process in Uganda as a significant aspect, if the family is to be protected.

“We are discussing, we want to engage policy makers, we want to work with them to influence the issues of family at that level so that there is legislation that preserves the future of the country. We have talked to family life network, we have talked to pastors involved in family life, we want to come together and write a paper to work with parliament to see how to influence legalization on family…so we are intentional”.

The Board chairman LIFE ministry Uganda, Pastor Joshua Mugabi who also heads the Family ministry at Watoto Church notes with concern that currently there are so many pressures and forces intended to destroy the family.

Mugabi says the Leadership Forum being launched next week is to ensure that Uganda as a country does not succumb to these pressures intended to weaken and destroy the family unit but rather stick to God’s original plan.

“We live in a time and season that the nation is debating should we make divorce easier and quick to access?, the discussions on when the age of consent should be ,the discussion of what family should be, I think it’s time for us to raise the voice again and say let family be family, as God created it because God will bless that He created, I believe that this program of re-establishing the family will make life better,” Joshua Mugabi.

The leadership forum is expected to be attended by 600 marketplace leaders and executives. According to the organizers the purpose of this event is to mobilize, envision and challenge top leaders and executives to have greater impact in their workplaces and families.



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