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US Sanctions on Uganda prisons boss Byabashaija branded hypocritical


US Sanctions on Uganda prisons boss Byabashaija branded hypocritical

Uganda Prisons boss Dr. Johnson Byabashaija

Uganda Prisons boss Dr. Johnson Byabashaija

The United States has come under criticism for claiming the moral high ground as a human rights defender in Uganda when it imposed diverse restrictions on senior government officials, when it is committing perhaps worse violations through its support to Israel in the ongoing war against Palestinians.

The United States this week imposed Visa restrictions in addition to freezing the assets in America belonging to Uganda Prisons chief Dr. Johnson Byabashaija, for allegedly engaging in serious human rights violations. Details of the charges here

Byabashaija joins a number of high-ranking Ugandan leaders including former Police boss Gen. Kale Kayihura, for being banned from ever stepping foot in America and having their assets frozen.

Byabashaija joins 348 Ugandan Members of Parliament who suffered Visa restrictions by the US early in the week.

Following the sanctions, some Ugandans hit back against the US saying the sanctions are the clearest display of America’s hypocrisy.

One Nuwamanya Justus said: “It is just hypocrisy of US. How they fail to to sanction the employer but end up concentrating on the employee. For US, human right abuses are okay in Palestine but not okay in Ukraine. Still confusing me!!!”

The US also this week vetoed a rare resolution brought by the UN Secretary General Antonio Guteres for a humanitarian ceasefire in Gaza, after the UN deemed that it is no longer possible to provide humanitarian assistance in Gaza due to continuing bombing by Israel with backing from the US.



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