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The youth can co-exist with the elders in politics


The youth can co-exist with the elders in politics

President Museveni and Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine had a bitter rivalry

The youth have an advantage over their elders in terms of energy and speed or swiftness in executing business. On the other side, the elders are uniquely famous for being loaded with lots of experience and wisdom.
The accumulated wisdom and experience due to age gives the seniors an edge over the youth. They know exactly how the young think because they have been there but the later just guess how the former do because they are yet to be there. This justifies the old adage that age is gold.

I should not be misunderstood. I am not suggesting that the youth are not intelligent. They are. Neither am I saying that the seniors are slow like snails. They move relatively slowly but with care.

Young people are intelligent but to their disadvantage, oftentimes their wisdom has not gone through adequate practical experience. Because of this scenario, they sometimes tend to be unnecessarily proud, arrogant ,furious and reckless.

Our grands have gathered reasonable wisdom and experience, having gone through thin and thick. This tends to bolster their reasoning capacities-the very reason they take some considerable amount of time before taking decisions. They naturally hesitate because, usually, hurried decisions tend to be associated with serious blunders.

They only act with relative speed when it is a case of emergency and therefore necessitating quick action.

In matters of leadership and governance, we need sober decision-making; we need good policies, designed with some care. At the same time, we need fairly quick results.

We now live in a crazy and manipulative world. Imagine western countries promoting enforcing, and imposing homosexuality and lesbianism beyond their own territories.

First of all they can not give us any single benefit of that practice. What are its health advantages? The practice does not lead to the production of children, it doesn’t mitigate the infection of diseases – it simply facilitates.

The perpetrators get involved in spoiling and devastating other people’s children but themselves will never produce those for others to spoil. This is utter malice!

We live in an evil world! Rich western countries with far advanced technology tend to think that wealth is everything! That’s why when countries refuse to take their school of thought, they hastily treat them with sanctions and lack of aid. But how can we compromise our core values, traditions, customs, norms or cultures because of dollars or pounds?

It is true we need that money, but if someone is civilized, respectful and clean-hearted, why should they attach it with such strings that are even fatal!

That aside, when a leader is not fore-sighted, patriotic and rich in mind, they can easily abandon their countries by succumbing to such inhuman and unfair conditions. Others acquire unnecessarily exorbitant loans and end up compromising the independence and sovereignty of their countries.

Some excited leaders would hasten to go to war in preference to diplomacy and negotiations. But war is deadly. War depletes resources and therefore leads to poverty, hunger and diseases. War deprives education, justice, human rights and rule of law. During those senseless wars, innocent children and women die! Women are raped and the girl child is defiled. War means gross abuse of fundamental human rights.

Why do countries prefer war to peace even those like the United States of America and Russia that would otherwise be considered role models for the rest of the world?

Shamefully, countries are not bothered about the deaths in Ukraine and Gaza. Wake up!

Everyone enjoys the sweetness of life.
Both the elderly and youth complement and need each other and can co-exist. They need to work amicably together to bring about positive change. They need to nurture and respect each other since each of them has their unique abilities. The combination of those abilities can be a great game-changer. Stop the suspicion, stop those conspiracies!
Ssentongo Muzafalu,

Member, National Consultative forum for political parties – NCF.
Chairperson, Electoral and Legal Affairs Committee,
Secretary General, Green Partisan Party.



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