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Malnutrition; how we can protect ourselves


Malnutrition; how we can protect ourselves

Many of Uganda's rural kids carry 'left-overs' from previous meal at home to schools which endangers their health

Many of Uganda’s rural kids carry ‘left-overs’ from previous meal at home to schools which endangers their health

Malnutrition is a situation where there’s insufficient or excessive nutrient intake in the body. For Uganda’s case, how can we protect ourselves?

Poor feeding can predispose you to disease and illness. African countries like Uganda are facing a double edged sword as far as malnutrition is concerned. On  the one hand there is under nutrition for example anemia (deficiency of dietary Iron) in women and on the other hand is over nutrition where non communicable diseases (a result of poor dietary habits) like cancers and heart disease are also on the rise.

This calls for affordable preventing mechanisms. We can improve our health outcomes through choosing healthy foods, exercising but also through supplementing our diets accordingly.

Nutritional supplementation is one such way, multi vitamin mineral supplementation has been shown to not only prevent and address micro nutrient deficiencies and hence disease but also to improve the health of the individual.

Medical evidence for the role of nutrition in addressing disease was shown in a trial conducted in Mengo Hospital in Kampala where it was proved that nutritional supplements can delay the progression to AIDS of HIV-infected patients not receiving ART.

One such supplement is Booster Plus which is manufactured by an African company Bomgi;

Bomgi is utilizing Uganda’s Moringa Oleifera and turning it into a natural affordable multivitamin to address nutritional deficiencies and disease.

Booster Plus is composed of Moringa and yeast based selenium (Selenoexcel) and is packaged by Kampala Pharmaceutical Industries with permission from the National Drug Authority.

Why Moringa?

Moringa  is one of the most nutritious foods on the earth. It contains all the essential amino acids, Vitamins A, B1, B2,B3, C, the minerals Calcium, Phosphorous, Zinc, Iron, Potassium. In fact gram for gram Moringa fresh leaves contain 17 times the Calcium content of milk. Moringa leaf extracts have also been shown to exhibit anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties hence are therapeutic.

Why Selenium? Because Selenoexcell is a yeast based organic selenium that has been approved by the USA FDA as a cancer preventive and adjunctive therapy. Selenium is also necessary to form Glutathione peroxidase (GPX) an antioxidant that’s been tipped to empower the immune system.

It is alternative solutions like this that are safe and can be utilized by every member of the family that can help us sustainably find solutions to our health challenges. By using a local resource, this product’s production provides ready market and income for farmers and also provides income for individuals interested in distributing it.

Fortunately, some hospitals have recognized the relevance of such a therapy to their patients and this supplement is currently prescribed in some major Hospitals like Nsambya, Rubaga and Mengo.

Remember, food can be our medicine. Join us as we make an impact on people’s health and incomes.

The Writer, Nabatanzi Maureen is a Nutritionist

Email  Tel (256) 0200 977 775.



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