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Empty Jerry cans that had sulphuric acid on public markets


Empty Jerry cans that had sulphuric acid on public markets

I don’t know if the Government is aware but jerry cans containing sulphuric acids are on the rise on public markets. I have been buying sulphuric acid on Ben Kiwanuka Street for my company’s use but what I discovered is that after traders have sold off the acid, the jerry cans that were containing the acid are loaded on the Lorries and transported to rural areas for sale.

I don’t know if people there are aware that the jerry cans they purchase were at one time containing sulphuric acid because if they are not, then they are in danger of intoxicating their bodies which may cause dire consequences health wise.

I kindly request the Government through the Ministry of health to come out and warn the public on the dangers of using these jerry cans which have been containing sulphur. If I know rural people very well, they are the kind of people who don’t take much precaution over so many things. I wouldn’t be surprised if after purchasing these jerry cans, they just use them without washing them thoroughly.

But the thorough washing of these jerry cans is not the issue here. I believe the best alternative would be for the government to stop the trading of these jerry cans on public markets. For I believe even if they are washed thoroughly, they would still contain some level of the acid.



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