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Who can stop school exploitation on parents?


Who can stop school exploitation on parents?

My two daughter will spend 90, and coming back for the same amount. Now what is all this 45,000 for? The last time I happened to see them coming from a tour of the equator, I was astonished at the number of pupils they carry per taxi, where pupils sit even 10 of them in a seat of 3. I even regret paying for this trip of this term, and I believe that the other parents must have boycotted this terms trip because the school has now postponed the trip twice because other pupils have not paid, I only wish that I could also reclaim my money back!

The other issue is of swimming, why do the schools imagine that we would wish our children to swim every week, and this costs parents 5000 per day, and I have a feeling that they brain wash the children in demanding that they must attend the swimming and the trips, the ministry should do something about this exploitation!




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