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Reasons I hate urban nursery schools


Reasons I hate urban nursery schools

Toddlers like these are expected to wake up by 4.00am

Toddlers like these are expected to wake up by 4.00am

I like the idea of government establishing its own nursery schools but are they going to be different from the privately owned urban nursery schools we have today?

If yes, may be it’s time we get relieved from the burden that private nursery schools have put on our backs.

While private nursery schools especially urban based have proved to be the best at providing early child education, there are basically three things I hate about them:

One, they are very expensive. Are you aware that now days to enroll a child in a nursery school its almost as expensive as enrolling a student into university? When you rank the most expensive schools in the country, you will discover that many are nursery schools.  They claim this is because they offer services like daycare, transport, swimming pools, and good meals among others.

Secondly, in today’s nursery schools, a child is expected to be at school by 7:00 am sharp. This implies that by 4.:30 am, a child should be awake for his/her parents to prepare him/her for school so that by 6:00 am he/she is by the roadside waiting for the school bus.

Lastly, once the child enters the school bus that becomes another stress factor. The task of the school bus driver is to collect school children from different locations. By the time, a child reaches school; he/she is has travelled the whole of Kampala and probably tired from all of that travelling.

To make matters worse, the same happens when they are coming back home. This has always made me wonder, despite the good food, the good facilitations and services are these schools really good for our kids?

Not only have they created stress for us parents but they also limit our children’s sleep.

So if the government is thinking of opening government nursery schools next year even if in rural areas, I suggest that they design something that won’t be stressful to both the kids and their parents but will still provide the best early child education.





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