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Betty Kamya, it starts with you


Betty Kamya, it starts with you

You must lead by example

You must lead by example

It’s hard to remove a tradition that has been practiced for centuries when you don’t practice what you preach.

Recently, in a local daily Betty Kamya, Minister for Kampala called upon Christian worshippers especially those from the Anglican Church to stop entering Church with shoes on.

I had liked her idea until I read where she disclosed that ever since she got born again, she does not put on any form of footwear while praying in her house because at that moment, the spot where she is praying from is holy ground. She said this when she was attending New Year prayers at Mackay Anglican Church of Uganda.

This made me realize that for all the time Kamya became a born again, she only removes her shoes when in her home but not in church. And I bet when she said these words in Mackay church, she had her shoes on. This made me wonder the kind of message she was preaching.

Madam Minister, how can you expect us to heed your shoeless campaign in church when at the time you were launching it; you had shoes on your feet in church. How can we answer to your request when you are not being exemplary to that idea of yours? I believe what you did at that time was blasphemy.

If you can afford to remove your shoes in your own house but not in God’s Church, aren’t you labeling yourself a hypocrite? Why do you have to wait for the church to enforce such a habit for you to act on it?

With such a campaign, I would have expected you to live by example; that even though other people walk into church with their shoes on, for you, you leave yours at the door of the church. If you had done that, believe me, we would have followed in your footsteps right away. For now, we shall not do as you say but instead protect our feet in Church as you do.





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