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The sweet line between a man and a woman

Isa Senkumba

The sweet line between a man and a woman

Lovers feeling cosy

Lovers feeling cosy

A friend working in the loans department of a certain bank recently confided in me that they are more comfortable extending loans to female clients than their male customers.

This has nothing to do with physical loan security but a good repayment record and proper use of the loan money. A man can take a highly risk loan simply to take his friends to the bar, to buy a brand new car or finance a luxury wedding. And obviously the repayment process becomes a hide and seek game.

Have you realized that if you give a man and a woman each one million shillings and ask them to keep the money for you, the man is likely to ask you when you intend to collect the money while the woman will simply go and keep it? He intends to use your money and that’s why he wants to know when you expect it back.

Generally human beings are the same but when it comes to gender we start seeing very significant differences. For instance; while it is normal for a woman to compliment a fellow woman, it sounds awkward amongst most men to complement each other in terms of dressing perfumes used, haircut and so on. Even if a man appreciates something about another man he becomes reluctant to say it and he is more likely to keep it as a secret on his mind.

It is also known that women retain stronger, more vivid memories of emotional events than men do. They recall emotional memories more quickly, and the ones they recall are richer and more intense. They pay attention to detail and they are good at multi-tasking.

Men do one thing at a time and just choose to have a rough idea of everything. If a man is watching soccer, they can’t do anything else. A woman can watch a TV soap while cooking and helping kids with homework, all at the same time.

Science tells us that there are differences in the way male and female brains are structured, how they process information, and interact with chemical signals.

For instance, men have more information-containing gray matter, but women have more white matter, which connects different parts of the brain. At the same time women use the left brain while men use the right brain; of course without forgetting that women have bigger memory centers than men.

It is quite disturbing and funny at the same time that when a man and a woman, who are sexually strangers, are given an opportunity to have sex the woman will pop the question- “ why?” while the man will ask “ where?”. A woman needs a reason to have sex while a man needs the place.

You will also come to realize while men proudly talk about their sexual encounters, the largest section of women are shy about it and many of them want sex to happen as an accident even if they predicted it. They feel uncomfortable if their male counterpart discover that they also badly needed the sex.

How can I really wind up without pointing out the fact that women love shopping more than men? I am not ready to give reasons why because you also know.

Men are not good fans of shopping; actually boutiques for men’s clothes have to be on the first or ground floor of the building and anything above that you won’t see any customers coming.



Isa Senkumba is a social critic

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