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Why I hate the 29 years of NRM rule


Why I hate the 29 years of NRM rule

President Museveni has ruled Uganda for 29 years now

When I was still a child I could wave at each plane that passed in the air as I gaily shouted “bye bye Museveni” quiet often in the company of my fellow youngsters then.

Undoubtedly, our music trainer madam Getrude Kiberu, left no stone unturned as she directed us to present the best of our praise songs to president Museveni including one entitled “Museveni afuuse etaala empya” literally interpreted to mean “Museveni is the new light of Uganda” never mind the fact that we were all bare footed, having to brave the glare of the scotching sun though pretending to be happy as we danced the memorable evening away.

But most importantly, while he promised in his wordy speech fundamental changes in education, agriculture and household welfare like he has done for countless times in other areas which are still languishing in abject poverty, 25 years down the line, Mpigi district has miserably remained the same.

Most annoying, as residents of Mpigi can bear witness, is the fact that the main road that passes through Mpigi to Ggomba, has remained dusty despite being included on the budget for tarmacking for the last 18 years to no avail, while, both public buildings including police buildings in Mpigi town are all in a state of disrepair.

As if that is not enough as I am writing this letter when I am already 25 years old, a father to a four year old daughter and a graduate, I can’t hide my horror for students in my former school who still go to school shoeless!

Worse still, out of the 79 students who sang for the president that day, only 7 joined secondary schools while less than five were among the lucky few who went to the University and graduated!

And yet just like me who didn’t know that Museveni was the president of Uganda in primary two, I was equally stunned last week when while travelling to  Bume village in Mpigi district a 70 year old man asked me whether Yoweri Museveni was still the president of Uganda and if Seya was still the mayor of Kampala!

 As I learnt with sympathy later, I excused the old man since he had spent 15 years without listening to  radio just because he couldn’t afford a pair of batteries worth only UShs 600!

It is through such experiences and growing dissatisfactions over times that have made my efforts to love the NRM 29 year’s regime still futile .  Can I be blamed!

Buule Gabriel,
Ggaba Bunga



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