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New Rules will save Makerere from being a den of thugs


New Rules will save Makerere from being a den of thugs

Makerere University

Makerere University

I am very glad that Makerere University has finally realized the kind of corruption that had invaded its campus.

The fact that it has passed new rules that prohibits students from engaging in sexual immorality, alcohol abuse, gambling, indecent dressing and the use of vulgar language, clearly portrays the kind of rotten depravity that has been Beguiling the campus grounds.

A university is a place of learning; if drunkards, prostitutes and hooligans starthabiting such a setting then we can no longer call it a university but a den of thugs.

While many students protested against these new rules claiming that they are a violation of their fundamental human rights, and will limit their freedom as adults, I personally do not believe this.

These new rules will govern students from behaving like hooligans. Having sex on campus grounds, seeing drunkards in class and female students dressing like street prostitutes, does not befit the life of a student at a university of Makerere’s stature

For those who think otherwise are definately in the wrong place and I advise the campus to let them try their talents elsewhere.

I therefore urge Makerere University administration to start implementing these new rules right away without fear or favor and save us from the thugs who had invaded it.




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