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Our lives have become WhatsApp


Our lives have become WhatsApp

Today our lives have been taken over by WhataApp

Today our lives have been taken over by WhataApp

I don’t know if you are noticing it but I believe whatsApp is taking over us. Every where you go people are typing away on their phones, given the fact that whatsapp has eased people’s communication via mobile phones; I believe it is being misused.

The last time I went to a video library to purchase a movie, I was disappointed. This is one library that knew the meaning of customer care. Whenever I went to this library, I was warmly welcomed and I was immediately offered help.

However, when I went there this time around, the person in-charge seemed not to care that I was around. He was very busy with his phone and I could hear that whatsapp ringtone buzzing.

When I tried to inquire if he had any new movies, this guy rudely told me to check through the movies and see for myself what I wanted.

At that moment it felt like i was the most irritating thing. And this was because I was interrupting his conversation on the phone.

However, this guy is not the only one being taken up by whatsapp. You will find people in different offices performing their duties half heartedly because of whatsapps.

That’s how bad things have become with whatsapp. People are no longer paying attention to the things surrounding them simply because they are chatting away.

When you try to converse with someone face to face, you will find it hard to continue with the conversation because the person you are talking to is simply distracted.

I am afraid that time will come when we have to do everything via whatsapp because its whats capturing every body’s attention these days.





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