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I cannot wait for Facebook ‘dislike’ button


I cannot wait for Facebook ‘dislike’ button

Facebook to soon unveil 'Dislike' button

Facebook to soon unveil ‘Dislike’ button

It always pissed me off whenever I saw someone liking a post akin to revolting, dreadful, and melancholic.
many times it does not make make any sense for someone to like a post which talked of death, acts of violence and the likes.

I always thought that the people who liked such posts were sadists – people who enjoy violence, murder and gothic stuff. And yet the problem was simply because there was no other button to express their true feelings. I only learnt later that to like the post only meant that they had acknowledged it and its message but not that they liked what it portrayed.

Fortunately, it seems like this problem will soon be solved after the founder of Facebook Mark Zukerberg revealed recently that facebook is to add a ‘dislike’ button to its social network.

According to him, the button would be a way for people to express empathy to certain posts. This means that we shall no longer have to like the undesirable posts.

However, I disagreed with him when he says that he does not want the dislike button to be used as a mechanism with which people could down vote other people’s posts. To me this is the button that can help us put down those hooligans who post disgusting stuff.

There are times when I see a revolting post on facebook and I would like to tell this person how unsuitable this post is and yet I don’t have the right words to do so. Therefore what suitable icon can deliver my message better than the ‘dislike’ button?



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