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Is TDA bent on rooting out Museveni only?


Is TDA bent on rooting out Museveni only?

TDA chairman Zac Niringiye

TDA chairman Zac Niringiye

When you keenly take time to listen to a TDA politician, you make a conclusion that our political maturity in this country is at nursery level.

Opposition in Uganda this year initiated a political group with the cardinal obligation to take power from incumbent President Museveni who has been on political helm. Among them is Col. Kizza Besigye from FDC, Amama Mbabazi independent combined to uproot Museveni from power.

However, in politics of political party dispensation, political manifesto is the first document a candidate present to the voters which seems not the case with this combined force.

When Mao stood DP presidency in the last delegates’ conference, he had a well documented manifesto to be presented to voters same as Col. Kizza Besigye for FDC. But ever since these people merged in The Democratic Alliance, we hear only wrangles for who will be presidential bearer.

I look at this political coalition with disdain because this politics of ‘Hajji Alagidde’ can not work out with us the mature voters. The issue of voting a president in political party system based on historical bonds of candidates/political party where a candidate comes with a well written and well researched document made by a political party analyzing each and every government sector (ministries) to be upgraded incase he/she takes power.

Way back in 1986, we had a movement system which comprised individual dynamics rather than a political dispensation we have now.




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